2018 Kitchen Design Trends

White cabinets have always been a classic trend, but kitchen islands are becoming the focal point of kitchen design trends!

White cabinets have always been a classic trend, but kitchen islands are becoming the focal point of kitchen design trends!

This generation is all about modern looks and technology. These elements also apply to the way that we are decorating our homes. In 2018, kitchen design trends are more unique and modern than ever before. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, here are some 2018 kitchen design trends that you definitely want to include.

Smart Kitchens

Home automation technology is all the rave and that goes for the kitchen as well! Make your daily life easier by investing in a smart kitchen. You can automate anything from the kitchen sink to the lights in the room. Motion sensored sinks allow you to wash your hands without having to touch the faucet, which is great when cooking with raw ingredients. Refrigerators can be set to alert you when your groceries are running low. Coffee makers can be set to brew your morning cup of coffee at the same time every day. With smart kitchens, the possibilities are endless!

Cabinet Colors

White is always a classic color for kitchen cabinetry and still remains one of the popular kitchen design trends. However, darker colors are becoming more and more popular this year, as people are making bolder choices when it comes to their kitchen. Grey cabinets are an especially popular color this year, matching well with any other accent colors. Dark cabinetry gives a look of elegance and luxury to your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Islands

Most upgraded kitchens that you see today will have a kitchen island incorporated into it. This is no longer something that people overlook and seems to be becoming more of a requirement for kitchens now a days. Islands are a great focal point for a kitchen and allow a casual space for people to enjoy a quick meal. Not only do kitchen islands look nice, they also provide you with extra storage space and places to install more appliances!

Ceramic Tile

Though hardwood flooring is still a popular flooring option that will probably never go out of style, ceramic tile is increasing in popularity this year. There are now so many design options for your ceramic tile floors to really give your kitchen the look you dreamed of. You can even get ceramic tiles that look just like hardwood floors, but they are easier to maintain!

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