Jim Blair: A lot of our work is word-of-mouth… it’s neighbors speaking to neighbors.

Jack Savage: They see how we work and everything, and that’s how we get business a lot of the time.

Jim: Referrals from people that used us years ago…

Randy Savage: We’ve about had the same relationships with a lot of these property managers for more than 20 years.

Jim: And that’s something we’re really proud of.

Jim: We do everything – kitchens and baths, remodeling… from the foundation to the roof and everything in between, we can do any construction work required.

Randy: We get it done in a neat, orderly fashion – it’s clean, it’s professional, it’s done correct according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Jim: We are all GAF-certified Master Elite trained contractors.

Randy: All of our guys have been factory trained. We teach them all the proper way to install everything from the underlayment to the ridge vent to the vent pipe collars.

Jack: If you’re paying X amount of money for a roof, you want to know that it’s going to be good for 20, 30 years. You don’t want to have to buy a roof every 5 to 10 years.

Randy: All the penetrations are all mainly where you’re going to have your leak problems and… you know, we put a lot of effort into training, so we don’t have those issues.

Jim: People are giving us an opportunity to do a very large project on their home; it’s a very important project, and we honor that trust and do the right thing all the time.

Randy: It takes the whole organization – it takes the project management to coordinate all this delivery for the material…

Jim: We take pride in having people that are well-trained in the field and at the office.

Randy: Everything goes smoothly, it looks good, there’s a lot behind it that it takes to get it to that point.

Jim: My motto is “Your Satisfaction is Our Reputation” – we really believe that.

Jack: We’re always the first call for people that we have done work for.

Jim: Customers know that they can count on us with a reasonable price and top-quality work.

Randy: We’re a small company, but we can handle any size project that you have.

Jim: Anything that you want to do in your home, we’re available to do that.

Randy: You’re going to be happy and you’ll refer us to others – that’s how we’ve been going the whole time!