3 Lesser-Known Things That Contribute Damage to Your Roof

When talking about roofing problems, we all know about the usual suspects: leaks, harsh elements, failed roofing components, and so on.  In this entry, we focus on the lesser-known suspects that can contribute damage to your roof.

Windblown Debris

Leaves, twigs, and other windblown debris from nearby trees don’t just litter the roof surface and take away some of your home’s appeal. They can also collect inside your gutters and cause clogging. When this happens, water cannot flow freely down the drainpipes. Water may back up or overflow, penetrating the decking, walls, and surrounding structures of the house.

Believe it or not, this problem can easily be remedied by regularly removing leaves and other clutter from the roof. Call in the help of expert roofers in Annapolis to inspect the roof and fix problematic gutters. It’s important to perform repairs promptly to avoid further damage to your roof and home.

Unkempt Trees

Here’s another way nearby trees can damage your roof. Overhanging branches can puncture roof boards and pierce through shingles, especially when there are strong winds. They also give small animals access to the roof. Nesting birds, squirrels, and other rodents can eat away at soffit and fascia boards. Your roof will not be able to fend off the elements effectively if it’s been gnawed at in certain areas.

For this problem, your best bet is enlisting the help of experts in trimming overgrown branches that hang too closely to your roof. Ideally, the nearest branches should be about 10 feet away to prevent them from slicing through your shingles and to keep pests at bay. In the event that your shingles have already been cracked or punctured, call in professionals to repair or replace them right away.

Moss Growth

While nasty-looking, most cases of algae growth are pretty harmless. However, moss on the shingles is more alarming because it traps water.  It’s best to deal with moss early before it can cause water damage to the rest of your roof.

Here at Blair Construction LLC, we take care of your roof as if it were our own. You can enlist our help should your roof need inspection, repair, or replacement. We perform the best roof and gutter services in the Bethesda area.

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