3 Reasons a Kitchen Island is a Great Addition

Here are three things that an island can do to improve your whole kitchen.

If you have been thinking of remodeling your kitchen, then you might have considered adding a kitchen island. At a basic level, an island can be as simple as an area of counter space that is separate from your other counters, but there is so much more that a kitchen island can do. Here are three things that an island can do to improve your whole kitchen.

Additional Cabinetry

First, a kitchen island gives you the opportunity to add storage space. One popular choice is to have cabinets installed. Extra storage in a kitchen is really valuable, whether you want to put your holiday dishes out of the way or need easy access to your pots and pans. You can even use the space to store a trash can and recycle bin. 

Seating Area

Another great use for a kitchen island is to add bar stools to create a seating area. A kitchen island is a great place to have seating along one side for your family to have meals without taking up all of the work space. Or, you can use your entire island for seating when you throw a party. You can even use your kitchen island as a buffet table for hosting a potluck. 

Design Opportunities

Because a kitchen island is so versatile, there’s no limit to the design choices. Depending on how you chose to remodel your kitchen, your island may or may not have the stove built-in. You can opt to put the stove, and even the sink in your kitchen island to make them the center of your kitchen for easier cooking. There are many other design choices, whether you want to match the counters and cabinets in your kitchen or stand out. You can even put clear doors on your kitchen island to feature decorative dishes!

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