3 Reasons to Have Your Basement Finished

Here are several reasons why finishing your basement should go back on your priority list.

Maybe finishing your basement has been on the back burner for years. After all, the whole process might sound inconvenient and expensive, and the basement might not feel like a necessity in your house. But there are several reasons why finishing your basement move up on your priority list.

Easier Process

Finishing your basement is not like most expensive remodels because most of the work is already done for you. A contractor won’t have to open up any walls or pull up old floors if your basement doesn’t have them. The best thing to do is get an inspection to make sure that your foundation, framing, and insulation is all in good condition. By starting work on your basement, it will help catch any other problems that may have gone unnoticed for years.

Untapped Potential

Right now, your unfinished basement probably isn’t being used for anything, except for some storage. Even if you’d tried putting seating down their before, most people don’t like spending long amounts of time in a draft room with concrete floors and spiders. But imagine how much your household will use and enjoy the space once it is cleaned up. It will be like getting an add on to your house at a fraction of the cost. And if your basement is the size of your house’s footprint, then that is a massive amount of wasted space.


Nothing is as much of a blank slate for personalizing as your unfinished basement. You can take a sad corner with some forgotten workout equipment and turn it into a home gym. And, with all of the space, you can mount a flatscreen TV for a media room, or put in a section of kid-friendly carpet and shelving for a playroom. The only limit is your imagination. Because you will already have plumbing in your basement, you can even install an indoor bar or another bathroom for guests.

Increase Home Value

If you are thinking about investing in your property value for future resale, then homebuyers are always attracted to a finished basement. Even if you don’t do anything special beyond just putting in insulation, drywall, and flooring, then your home value will increase significantly. Most people won’t like the idea of getting into remodeling the basement right after purchasing a home, so an unfinished basement will turn them away. However, a finished basement will get potential homebuyers thinking about all the ways that they can make the space their own. If they see a nicely done basement, especially with an added bathroom, then that will upgrade your house’s value in their minds.

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