4 Advantages of a Walk-In Tub

4 Advantages of a Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub is a great investment!

Whether you are struggling with mobility issues or just looking for a better way to bathe, walk-in tubs are gaining popularity every year and they might be a perfect fit for you. A walk in tub offers you the same luxury you expect in a bath tub with the added convenience of a door. Here are four of the many reasons why we love walk-in tubs.

A Solution for Limited Mobility

Walk-in tubs have a low-step that is only a few inches high. As a result, you can safely climb in and out of the tub using a door instead of needing to lift your legs up. Walk-in tubs are incredibly popular picks for those with walkers, scooters, or wheelchairs. Many people with limited mobility can use walk-in tubs alone, something that simply isn’t possible with traditional tubs or shower chairs. Walk-in tubs come equipped with ADA-compliant seating, non-skid floors, and safety rails to ensure a relaxing and safe bathing experience.


If you haven’t heard of hydrotherapy, you’re in for a real treat. Using water to help relieve pain is a common practice that has roots in ancient Egypt. In the centuries since then, the practice has continued in health spas with deep bathtubs. Walk-in tubs offer a hydrotherapy experience with heated jets and therapeutic air. If you are looking for a better healthy way to treat your arthritis, fibromyalgia, or back pain, hydrotherapy in a walk-in tub might be the perfect solution.

You Won’t Need to Give Up Your Shower

Many homeowners are hesitant to get walk-in tubs because they assume that it will mean giving up their shower. Instead, walk-in tubs of today are designed so that they can operate as a stand-up or sit-down shower in addition to working as bathtubs. If you have multiple users of your home’s shower, this is a great way to get what you need from a walk-in tub while also still offering a shower to other residents and guests.

They’re an Investment in Your Home

Worried that a walk-in tub won’t reflect in your home’s value? Don’t! Walk-in tubs are part of a huge trend towards ADA-friendly bathrooms designed for people in every stage of life. Walk-in tubs add major value to your bathroom and to your home, and many buyers will choose a home with a tub over a less-expensive home without one. The amount you invest in a walk-in tub will pay off handsomely in the long run.

Walk-In Tubs from Blair Construction

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