4 Home Add-On Considerations to Keep in Mind

Home Add-On

Interested in a home add-on to give yourself a bit more space, like an in-law suite or extra den? Keep these ideas in mind.

When adding onto your home, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind in order to preserve the flow and style of your home. By paying careful attention to the planning, design, and construction of your home addition, you can make your addition a perfectly integrated, stylish, and functional addition to your home. A trusted construction professional can help you keep track of your needs, as well as major considerations that will help you keep your addition in perspective and build it to flow perfectly with the rest of your home. Make sure your home add-on is a perfect addition to your unique home by keeping these 4 important considerations in mind.

1. Keep Size in Check

Make sure you keep your add-on plans in perspective. An addition should not be out of proportion with the rest of your home. You may be remodeling and building your add-on to get additional square footage, but make sure you consider how it will look from the outside. Ideally, a home add-on will be subordinate in size to the other areas of the house in order to keep it from sticking out like a sore thumb from the curb.

2. Consider Placement

Especially with older homes, it’s important to consider the impact of the location you choose for your add-on on the overall aesthetic of the house. You may want to keep your addition in the back of the house to keep it from disrupting the architectural style or historical appeal. Keeping placement of an add-on in the back when possible can also help preserve curb appeal for future resale potential.

3. Think About the Roof

The roof is an incredibly important part of every home. Your roof can be difficult to change, as it is such an integral part of your home that prevents major damage or flooding. Plus, the roof is simply a large part of your home’s exterior. When you are adding onto your home, the roof will need to be considered in order to make sure there is no disconnect between the original roof and the new one. Keep it cohesive to avoid a haphazard exterior.

4. Focus on the Details

You need to make sure you’re considering the details that will help integrate your add-on into your original home. This is especially true when you’re adding onto a historical style home. Try to match original materials and architectural details whenever you can.

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