4 Questions to ask Yourself Before Adding on to Your Home

Adding on to your home is a huge investment, so make sure you have considered all of these things before starting your construction project!

Even the smallest home remodeling projects cost a lot of time, energy, and money. However, adding on to your home is one of the biggest remodeling projects you can take on. Adding a new space to your home is a very exciting process, but there is a lot of planning and work that has to go into it. Here are four questions to ask yourself before making the final decision to add on to your home.

What is Your Budget?

The first thing you want to do is plan out and negotiate a reasonable budget for your project. The average cost of adding on to your home is around $41,000, so you are looking at a pretty hefty investment. Of course, costs vary depending on each specific project, but setting an initial budget will help you to stay on track with what you’re spending. Getting estimates from various potential contractors is a good way to decide on a reasonable budget.

Should you Expand or Remodel?

Once you have an idea of what your budget is going to be for this project, you want to confirm that this is the route you would like to take. It’s a good idea to consider alternatives such as remodeling the existing space you already have. A home remodel could clear up the same amount of space that you are trying to add on to your home. Be sure that adding onto your home is the best option for the goals you want to reach.

Are there Building Restrictions?

Each neighborhood has different building codes and restrictions that residents must follow. It is important to check and see what these restrictions are before you begin adding onto your home. Often times, cut off lines and height restrictions are placed on homes so that house fires don’t spread too far and to protect your neighbors’ home and land.

Up or Out?

When you are adding on to your home, you have the option to expand upward and create a new floor or expand outward. Building upwards can save you some money as there is no excavation and foundation work required to do this. However, it can be more complicated to design an upward expansion, so consulting with an architect might be a good option. If you go with outward expansion, detached additions tend to be cheaper than attached ones and can be used as a garage, guest house, or even a home office.

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