4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Winter can take its toll on your home’s windows. Is it time for a replacement?

On sunny days, we all like to throw our windows wide open and let in some fresh air. But as winter drags on for one more month, wanting to let the cold in can be hard to imagine. All the same, you should consider replacing your windows. Maybe the long, frosty winter has taken its toll on them. Here are some other reasons you should consider replacing your windows.

Improve Your Energy Usage

If the sight of your runaway energy bills is making your head spin, then this could be a sign. It’s a sign that your windows need to be replaced. By replacing your windows, not only will you start saving money, you can feel good that you are doing something positive for the environment. With better windows installed in your home, you won’t have to run heating or cooling as often, which will also help decrease your energy usage.

Increasing Your Resale Value

Another reason to get replacement windows is to improve your home’s resale value. Although you might think it would be a strange idea to get brand new windows and then move, you might not be looking to move this year. Or for that matter, next year or within the next five years. But once you do, you can draw more potential buyers with the prospect of recently replaced windows. While you won’t get all of your money back for this investment, you can still get a decent amount – 70 or 80%.

Lower Maintenance

If you decide to get vinyl replacement windows, then that is a smart way to go. After, vinyl windows require virtually no maintenance. Your wooden windows might start to rot, which is something a vinyl window will not do.

Protecting Your Family

Lastly, by getting replacement windows you can protect your family. Worn down windows are a weak spot in your home’s exterior. Not only can this mean that the next big storm can cause major damage, but it will also affect how secure your home is.

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