4 Things You Need to Do Before Getting a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a big investment, so you want to make sure you are prepared before executing the project!

A roof replacement is no small project. Because of this, you need to be sure you are prepared and have done all the research necessary to ensure that your roof replacement will go smoothly. The best option is to invest in a professional contractor to replace your roof. Here are four things you need to do before getting a roof replacement.

Do Your Research

You don’t want to settle for the first roofing contractor that you come across. Since a roof replacement is something you will (hopefully) only need about once or twice in a lifetime, roofing contractors don’t always concern themselves too much with customer satisfaction since they will likely never see you again. You want to invest in a contractor that cares about your personal needs as well as the quality of their work and all for a price within your budget. Be sure to get references from people you know and look at reviews and websites to ensure you’re picking the right person for the job.

Top Shelf

When it comes to your roof, you want to invest in only the best quality materials and products. 50-year shingles are a great investment because they provide the longest warranty. Copper flashing is also the most durable metal to use for sealing the roof joints. These investments will save you from having to pay more money for repairs and replacements in the future due to low-quality materials and lesser warranties.

Pay Attention to Paperwork

When it comes to a roof replacement project, you want to look for and pay attention to three essential documents:


  • Building Permit: Most areas require that contractors have a building permit to carry out a roof replacement. You want to check that they have this because it helps to ensure that your contractor will follow the area’s building codes.
  • Written Contract: This is the contract that you and your contractor will create for your project. Make sure to read over the entire contract to confirm that the agreed details, products, and prices are all written correctly before signing.
  • Insurance Documents: It is essential that your contractor has insurance just in case anything happens. You want to get a letter from the contractor’s insurance carrier to confirm that the roof replacement is covered under their plan.


Look for the Magnet

When an old roof is taken off of a home, it is bound to leave a lot of nails behind. Most of these nails have probably landed on your front lawn which doesn’t make for an easy clean up. Roofing contractors have a huge magnet that they can easily push across your yard to pick up all the nails, which can be a big safety hazard if left there. If you see nails around your yard, be sure that your contractor brings the magnet and cleans it up before you give him a final payment.

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