5 Pet-Friendly Remodeling Projects


For those of us who really care about our pets, it may be worth it to involve their needs in your remodeling efforts.

Your furry friend is an important part of your family, so why wouldn’t you want to remodel your home with them in mind? Almost 40% of households throughout the country have a dog as a pet, and 30% have a cat. Here are five of the best pet-friendly remodeling projects to help your furry friends feel even more like part of the family.

A Place to Sleep

A tiny bed nook for your dog or cat is a cute remodeling project that will also make your pet feel safe and secure when it’s time to go to bed. You can build a pet bed or nook into an alcove or underneath a stairwell. If you have an older pet, consider installing this project on the main floor of your home or using a ramp so that they can easily get into bed.

Dig In

Another great pet-friendly remodeling project you can tackle when you’re redoing your kitchen is adding a cabinet just for Fido. Use the cabinet to keep treats, toys, medicine, and food together for easy storage. You can use a shallow, pull-out drawer to store the food and water bowls or even install a mini water fountain for your furry friend!

Enjoy Yourself

Adding a mudroom to your home is the perfect way to keep pets who love spending time in the water and mud outdoors corralled while you clean them off. Install a cubby that can hold towels for wiping off your dog and the leashes that you use outdoors. Always use wall coverings that are easy to wipe clean, as cleaning up after a wet dog’s shake is not always easy.

Easy Bath Time

Many pets dread bath time, but it’s a necessity. This pet-friendly remodeling project can be installed in your bathroom or even in your mudroom. Use flooring that can get wet or dirty. Add a laundry sink or a lower-mounted shower with a detachable shower head for easy washing. If you really want to pamper your pooch, you can also add a pet dryer.

Some Alone Time

Finally, give your pet some space to relax. A screen porch or sunroom with a perch for your cat will be greatly appreciated, especially on a sunny afternoon for a cat nap.

Pet-Friendly Remodeling from Blair Construction

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