5 Signs That You May Need a Roof Replacement

Not all roof damage can be fixed with simple repairs, so here are some signs that you may need a full roof replacement.

Not all roof damage can be fixed with simple repairs, so here are some signs that you may need a full roof replacement.

There are multiple household structures that need to be replaced overtime, but are not known by homeowners when it needs to be replaced. One item included in this is the roof of your home. Roofing is what keeps your house shaded and safe. If the roof was to cave, it would be a potentially dangerous situation, so staying aware is important. If you’re not sure when to replace your roof, here are five signs that you may need a roof replacement.


There is no life-guarantee on roofs. There will be a point where you will need to replace your roofs. If you have had your roof for decades and it is very old, this is a sign that you may need a roof replacement. Do not wait for major damages to happen as it could be detrimental.

Water in Attic

As it is very self-explanatory, if you have water in your attic, your roof has a leak in it. This is not good as your roof can cave from water damage at any second. You have water in your attic because of the moisture from the wood. If you walk on the wood and feel the squeaks, you need to replace your roof.


Shingles can be a huge sign that you may need a new roof. There are numerous things that can be seen to let you know you need a new roof like missing shingles, cracked shingles or buckling shingles.This is often time because your shingles and roof have reached its duration of operation and need to be switched out to a new, operable roof. If you’re missing shingles on your roof, no matter how many you are missing, you may need to get a new roof. Leaks can appear from the missing shingles and can seriously damage the inside of your house and/or cause your roof to cave in.

Sagging Roof

It’s easy to spot a sagging roof as you’ll see major structure problems and a weak foundation. Before you think there is a way to salvage this roof or you have some time to save money to buy a new one, don’t. Sagging roofs can cave at any minute and can cause serious damage to your house and your family. Getting a new roof should be treated as priority and calls should be made to a roofer ASAP.


Moss may not seem like it can negatively affect your roof, but it can cause serious damages that can lead to replacing the whole thing. For those that live in cool areas, like San Francisco or Alaska, this plant will thrive more in these conditions and will start to grow between smaller spaces on your roof. You can see them in between shingles. Because of the moisture in moss it can cause serious damages to your shingles. The only way to get rid of the annoying plant is a water and bleach mixture killing them in the fall before they come in the Winter.  


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