A Guide to Making the Best Use of a Small Bathroom

When working with a small bathroom, using the vertical space helps to give you more room!

The bathroom is one of the most used places in the home, so it can be frustrating trying to work with a small bathroom. However, just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as functional as a large one. Here is a simple guide to making the best use of your small bathroom.

Think Vertically

When you are limited on space in a room, you want to utilize the vertical space that you have. Rather than installing a bunch of bulky counters and cabinets, consider installing shelving units above your toilet or shower area. Vertical lines are also know to trick the eye into making a room bigger than it is. You may also consider things like a vertical or wall hanging mirror.

Storage Space

When it comes to a small bathroom, any part of it can be used as a storage space. You want to get creative with your storage options and use all parts of the room. As mentioned before, vertical shelving units are a great way to increase the amount of space you have while eliminating the cluttered look. You can even incorporate shelves that are embedded into the wall to really make the best use of your space. A mirror that acts as a dual medicine cabinet is also a great idea!


Minimalism is a modern design trend that should be embraced in a small bathroom design. Using this approach will ensure that your bathroom doesn’t become overly cluttered. Keeping the amount of items in your bathroom to a minimum will also bring more attention to the extra space, giving the illusion that the room is bigger. If you go this route, you want to make sure that you have extra storage space elsewhere to make up for the lack of in the bathroom.

Bright Colors

When choosing a color scheme for your small bathroom, it is best to stick with light colors if you are trying to make the room look bigger. Light colors give off the illusion that there is more open space present in a room than there actually is. Darker colors tend to confine a room and make it seem a lot smaller than it is.

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