A Starter Guide to Elastomeric Roof Coating – Part 2: The Advantages of Elastomeric Roof Coating

As one of the most economical and long-term roofing maintenance solutions, elastomeric roof coating offers a number of advantages that are difficult to discount. Let us take a closer look at its various benefits and see why it makes for a good and wise investment.

It is Seamless, Waterproof, and Heat-Resistant

After application and curing, elastomeric coating creates a uniform, seamless surface that remains flexible even at changing temperatures. It also expands and contracts, keeping its ability to protect the roof regardless of weather conditions. It effectively keeps the elements and debris out.

Elastomeric coating also practically waterproofs the roof. The coating provides a moisture barrier, helping keep the roof in pristine condition for years.

Elastomeric roof coating also slows down damage by absorbing the destructive effects of UV rays while keeping the house or building cool as it reflects hot sunlight away.

It Offers A Permanent Solution to Roof Leaks

Elastomeric roof coating can solve and prevent roof leaks on almost any type of roofing material when applied or installed correctly.

It Helps Extend the Life of Roof Substrates

Field-applied reflective roof coating can extend the life of roof substrate as it provides protection against the elements.

It Adds About 20 Years to the Service Life of a Roof

The coating provides protection which maximizes and extends a roof’s service life. As a result, roofing materials need to be thrown out less often – a fact which can impact positively on the environment.

Overall, they are a cost-effective investment

All in all, the durability and reflectivity of elastomeric roof coating makes it a worthwhile investment. It adds value to the property by prolonging the life of the roof, and by effectively reducing maintenance and repair expenses. It can even reduce utility bills as it helps keep the building cool, making the property energy-efficient.

In the next post, we discuss the installation considerations that must be kept in mind so you can make the most of your elastomeric roof coating.

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