The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

home energy audit

Ordering a home energy audit can save you money and help save the environment too!

The cooler weather is descending on our area faster than you think, and before you know it winter will be here. You may be dreading the changing the seasons for many reasons, but it is particularly stressful to think of the rising cost of your home’s energy usage. Have you considered getting a home energy audit? A home energy audit can help keep your family comfortable this winter and impact your household budget as well.

Staying Comfortable Year-Round

After getting a home energy audit and making the home improvements recommended by it, you’ll be able to feel the most obvious benefit. Air sealing the shell of the building, installing a more energy efficient HVAC, sealing leaky air ducts – these will all contribute to the comfort you’ll feel at home. And these upgrades will not only benefit your family during the upcoming winter but also in the blazing heat of the summer!

An Investment that Pays Off in the Long Run

According to studies, every $1 saved in annual energy costs adds approximately $20 to the resale value of the home. With fuel costs rising, prospective home buyers are taking a closer look at the operating costs of homes on the market. Any measures taken to lower the monthly utility bills are very valuable and will save money. Home improvements made according to a home energy audit have great returns on investment!

Finding Hidden Problems Before They Become Big

The home energy audit involves a complete inspection of your home. This inspection might turn up more serious structural and safety problems that can be repaired before they cause major damage. Also, any ventilation problems with mold and mildew can be identified and fixed during this audit.

Environmentally Friendly

Home improvements implemented through a home energy audit will allow your home to use less energy. This saves the environment by reducing your dependence on electricity and fuel, which in turn reduces the greenhouse gases and pollution produced by making this electricity. Saving the environment, making your home more valuable, and keeping your family comfortable – what more could you ask for? Call Blair Construction today to schedule your home energy audit!

Ready to Start Saving Money on your Energy Bills?

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