Bethesda Remodeling Services to Boost Home Value

People typically engage in Bethesda remodeling to increase the value of their homes. This isn’t too surprising given that a number of people have the intention to sell their properties at a later time. If you too would like to put your property on the market, it is essential that you invest in it, to spruce it up to get the level of attention you want. This is especially important since in this difficult time for real estate, more houses are getting sold in the upper pricing bracket:


On buyer, seller side, housing ‘in a funk’

Entering the 2014 spring buying season, the U.S. housing market faces an unusual dilemma: Too few people are selling homes. Yet too few buyers can afford the homes that are for sale.


Sales of existing homes are projected to total 5 million this year, according to the National Association of Realtors. That’s about 100,000 fewer than last year and far below the 5.5 million associated with healthy markets.


It’s better to be on the luxury side of the real estate market for the moment. Prices generally rise faster than at the lower end. And buying activity has increased in the past year.


Dealing with the real estate market may be tough at this time but it is still manageable if you have the right mindset. Turn your home into a real estate darling with the help of some home improvements and watch it fly off the market!


To that end, Blair Construction can help you with your home improvement in Annapolis MD. They have tons of experience in replacing windows, fixing roofs, installing siding, and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens to transform homes into their best versions.


If you’re looking to invest in a round of home improvements to prepare your property for the market, the company offers a five-year guarantee on all installations to complement the manufacturer warranties you will get. All estimates will be in writing so you know what to expect and a project manager will be assigned to you to keep you abreast on everything that’s going on in your property.


(Article Excerpt and Image from On buyer, seller side, housing ‘in a funk’, The Daily Record, April 3, 2014)

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