Beware of These Common Roof Problems

Here are some of the most common roof problems to watch out for.

As you know, your roof has a larger responsibility in protecting your entire home from the elements. So it might not come as a surprise that roofs will often develop signs of wear and damage; which is why it’s important to know how to get ahead of these issues. Here are some of the most common roof problems to watch out for.

The Attic

Most homeowners can tell when there are issues with the exterior of the roof, such as broken and loose shingles. However, many do not realize that the underside of the roof, the attic, is also an important factor. Proper ventilation in the house near the roof will help prevent moisture accumulation. Equally important is to insulate the attic so that it has a clear seal to keep moisture from the roof from getting trapped under it and causing rot.

Open Seams 

When your roof was first constructed, there was a part of the process called flashing. It is for sealing parts of your roof that would have built-in components, like an HVAC system or vent pipe, so that no water can leak through the seams. If there is a weak spot, then it creates an open seam, where water can get under the flashing. It’s important to have your flashing inspected to see that it was installed correctly and not producing open seams. 


Lastly, the number one roof problem simply comes down to a lack of regular maintenance. The roof itself, as well as gutters, chimney, and vents, are all components that can get worn down, clogged or otherwise affected by the elements so that they can’t work as well as they should. Regular maintenance, and inspections, by a professional, will prevent these issues from turning into permanent damage.

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