Blair Construction Update: Masonry Project Completed

As a homeowner with plans in mind, you must know that home improvement projects should be done before it gets too cold. As a team of professional roofers in Annapolis, we at Blair Construction LLC also take into consideration the weather during our repair, replacement, or installation for our client’s best interest. This is so we can perform rightly with precision to achieve the best result. Also, we take account for the team members’ safety and welfare.

Brick Stairway Image

Masonry requires special attention. When you do your masonry in winter, it results in a slow hydration of the mortar. When the water in mortar freezes, it will cause a change in volume of the mortar – eventually leading to expansion, cracks, and breakage.

According to the Brick Industry Association, extreme weather can negatively affect the quality of masonry materials. Therefore, it is imperative that you plan your masonry project ahead of time with considerations about the weather and climate of the location.

We strongly advice that if you want your home improvements done without a drawback, book as soon as possible before the snowfall arrives. We at Blair Construction LLC would help you in scheduling your masonry and other reinforcement projects. For more information on roofing in Bethesda and other surrounding areas, contact us today.

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