Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a Roof that Suits Your Home

Let’s face it, your roof says a lot about you and your home! So if you’re ready to make yours the best-looking home in your Bethesda or Annapolis neighborhood, one way is with a new roof.

A Roof That Adds Value

From styles and materials to brands, deciding on the type of roof to install can be tough. You will probably wonder which choice is just right for your home. Remember that you need to choose a roof that will add value. Function is one thing (the roof being your protection from the elements), and curb appeal is another. Better Homes and Gardens recommends installing a new roof as it accounts for 40% of a home’s look from the curb. Carefully choose the materials that best blend with your architecture and other homes in the neighborhood to gain the value and curb appeal you want.

A Well-Constructed Roof

Consult the experts on roofing in Bethesda and Annapolis and ask if there is a need to tear off your old shingles first before installing a new layer. Tear-off is often preferable because it will reveal any defect that should be fixed before the new roof is installed. It is imperative for your roof to not just be beautiful and efficient, but also properly installed.

For additional information on how your roof affects the overall look and function of your home, contact Blair Construction, your local expert roofers in Annapolis and Bethesda, at (888) 211-8249. We would be happy to schedule a FREE in-home consultation for roofing or any other service.

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