Call On Professional Annapolis Roofers to Prevent and Remove Ice Dams

If left unresolved, ice dams on your roof can cause major roof damage. explains why:

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. Spotting one quickly can help curb the damage to your home.


During periods of freezing and thawing and refreezing, water becomes trapped above the ice and finds its way beneath the shingles causing a leak inside the home. The lower the pitch of the roof, the more likely there is to be this problem.

Ice dams can lift roofing shingles and let water filtrate in. They can also pull gutters off, which can cause structural damage and lead to potential internal flooding. Hanging icicles might indicate ice dam formation.

The normal freeze-thaw cycle during winter, along with a poorly ventilated attic, can cause the formation of ice dams in any Annapolis, Maryland home. As points out, ice dams can trap melting snow on roofs, and the accumulated moisture which can then lead to structural damages and leaks. The prevention and early clearing of ice dams help prevent major roofing damage.

You can prevent the formation of ice dams by raking off snow from your roof as often as possible, and before the snow accumulates to a heavy volume. However, going up the roof and raking off snow can be dangerous for anyone who does not have the right skills and equipment, particularly in cases of heavy snow. To ensure your safety and to get better results, it is advisable to instead call upon professional Annapolis roofers to do the job.

Angieslist also suggests several ways to prevent ice dams, such as making sure your attic is properly ventilated, installing an ice shield along your roof line, and heating your gutter. A reputable Annapolis roofing contractor such as Blair Construction LLC can examine your roofing system and recommend the most appropriate method to protect your roof. However, if ice dams have already formed, it would be safest to have the roofing professionals clear these off as soon as possible, and save your roof from major damage.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Winter roof leaks caused by ice dams, Angie’s List)

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