Can a New Deck Be Constructed in the Winter?

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It may be too cold now to use a new deck, but having one constructed now will mean it’s ready when the weather warms up!

Homeowners tend to believe that winter is not a great time to plan for outdoor home renovations. The cold weather and wintry precipitation might explain why this is the case. However, if you think about it, construction projects such as building homes and retail buildings are done year-round, so why should a new deck be the exception? Some outdoor renovation projects are better to complete in the winter anyway, and having a new deck done in the winter will ensure that it is ready for use when the spring weather hits!

Frozen Ground

What about frozen ground, you might ask. Shouldn’t that hinder new deck construction in the winter? Contractors have to dig below the frost line of the ground in order to install the deck support footers. In most of Maryland, this frost line is 30 inches deep, and while digging through 30 inches of frozen ground can be tough, the ground rarely ever freezes that deep. It might take a little longer than it would in warmer temperatures owing to the top layer staying frozen, but it’s still possible.

Why Construct a New Deck During Winter?

There are a few concrete benefits to having a deck built in the winter:

  • The pressure-treated wood posts used in the construction of the footings will dry more consistently during the winter. This is due to the low humidity and lack of sun exposure relative to the hot summer.
  • The winter season is traditionally an off-season for contractors, so you should have relatively little trouble scheduling a project during these months. If you wait until the spring or summer, you might end up on a waiting list as these are the busiest seasons of the year for deck construction projects!
  • Since the winter is an off-season for contractors, you might be able to get a discount on the project from either the labor or the cost of materials. It never hurts to ask!

Ready to invest in your new deck? We can help!

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