Clean Up Your Roof with These Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance

Your roof will need some spring maintenance to ensure its longevity.

Winter is on its way out and the warm days of spring are quickly approaching. As you make your spring maintenance list and run down all of the landscaping, hardscaping, and interior tasks that you need to get done, don’t forget the roof of your home! Here are some simple spring maintenance tips for your roof.

Check the Trees

Are there any tree limbs hanging over or touching your roof in any spot? All it takes is one thunderstorm for them to wreak havoc on the roof (and your home). Dead or damaged limbs can tear through your roof and end up inside of your home. At the least, they can cost you a lot of money in removal and repairs. Check the trees around your roof before the spring and summer rain season begins to prevent any problems.

Look for Mold

Walk up a ladder and take a good look at your roof. Are there any discolored streaks or spots? Those are often signs that your roof has a mold, fungus, or algae problem. While some people pass this off as a cosmetic issue, it can cause real damage to your roof below the surface. Over time, the mold or algae will eat away at the material of your roof and lead to leaks. Some homeowners like to tackle this problem on their own, but you can always give Blair Construction a call to help remove any mold and complete your roof spring maintenance.

Is There Gutter Damage?

While you’re checking out your roof from your ladder, look out for gutter damage. The weight of heavy snow and ice can cause lots of damage to gutters. If nothing else, your gutters typically get clogged with leaves and debris over the course of fall and winter. As part of your spring maintenance, give them a great cleaning so they can handle spring rain.

Complete Your Spring Maintenance with Help From Blair Construction

For a beautiful new roof or new bathroom flooring planned and installed by professionals you can trust, contact Blair Construction. We have been serving our valued Maryland customers for almost thirty years and look forward to giving your roof the care it needs for years to come. Contact us online or give us a call at (410) 729-0777 to get a free in-home estimate. To see examples of our work and get updates on what we are up to, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Houzz.

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