Climate Change is Getting Worse, Prepare Your Home Today.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the US government released a report stating that drastic action is necessary as climate change continues to worsen. The scope of the impact could result in calamities affecting the whole country from Washington State to Vermont. The report from the Sun said:

The extensive report detailed how consequences of climate change are hitting on several fronts, including health, infrastructure, water supply, agriculture and especially in more frequent severe weather such as floods and droughts.

The impacts are also broken down by region–from storm surges in the Northeast to wildfires and water shortages in the southwestern United States.

An earlier draft, released in January 2013, was reviewed by the National Academies of Sciences and attracted more than 4,000 public comments.

Climate change remains to be one of the most pressing issues, not just in the US, but also for the rest of the world. In the US alone, we’ve experienced stronger hurricanes, hotter summers, and longer and colder winters. We saw what a storm as strong and devastating as Katrina can do, leaving thousands of our fellow Americans cold and homeless. When a storm like that strikes, would you want your home to be unprepared?

In Maryland, we’ve also experienced powerful storms in the past. With the weather only getting worse every year, it pays a lot to be prepared. Heavy rain and flooding could lead to water intrusion, which can damage your home’s interior along with your furniture and appliances.

Contacting Bethesda remodeling companies for your home today can save your family thousands of dollars in repair by reinforcing your home against the possible effects of weather, preventing any kind of damage to your home.

There is only so much we can do to mitigate the effects of climate change. For your home improvement in Annapolis, MD, call Blair Construction to help you detect any problematic areas and have them fixed immediately.

(Article excerpt from White House climate change report unveils dire warning, calls for action.



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