Common Gutter Problems on Your Anne Arundel Shingle Roof

Here are some of the common problems your gutters might experience and how you can handle them.

The gutters can have an enormous impact on the entirety of your house. Their job is to protect your house from water damage by channeling rainwater and runoff away from your house. If there is a problem with your gutters, then the damage could affect many parts of your house, from your roof to your foundation. Here are some of the common problems your gutters might experience and how you can handle them.

Dirty and Clogged

The most common source of gutter problems is clogging from debris. Gutters are aligned at the edge of the roof for the purpose of catching water, but they can easily capture leaves and twigs from nearby trees. Also, you never know if you have pests, like squirrels or wasps, trying to nest inside the gutters. Even snow and ice in winter can build up and block the gutters. When gutters are clogged, they won’t work properly, which means that water that is supposed to get away from your house could collect back onto the roof and cause leaks. The best way to address clogged gutters is to clean them. You could clean the gutters yourself, but it is always safer to have a professional take care of it, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

Old Gutters

Many people might not realize that gutters change significantly over time as they age. Even the best gutters will wear down from constant exposure to the elements. The joints of the gutters are the natural weak spots for rusting and breaking down. When this happens, gutters tend to sag under their own weight. Take a look at your gutters. If they don’t line up flush to your roof, then your gutters will probably need to be replaced soon. Old, sagging gutters won’t be able to hold up against the weight of water to do their job.

Improperly Installed

Sometimes, gutters could be in perfect condition and still not working properly. In this case, it could be that they weren’t installed correctly. A common error made when installing gutters is putting them on the wrong angle. If gutters don’t slope in the right direction, then they can’t work with gravity to naturally carry water away from your house. This is a problem you should talk to a professional about right away to avoid any future water damage.

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