Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Here is what you should do to get your roof ready for the winter.

Winter can be the busiest, and the roughest season for your home. Whether you are traveling for the holidays or hosting several guests, it’s important to keep your house in good condition through the harsh weather, especially your roof. Although the colder months can be hard on your roof, there are several ways that you can be prepared. Here is what you should do to get your roof ready for the winter.

Check for Leaks

Winter in Maryland is infamous for its temperamental precipitation; you never know if you’ll get freezing rain, snow, or even hail. So it’s critical to make sure that your roof doesn’t have any weak spots for water to get in. You should have your roof and attic inspected for leaks to determine what needs to be fixed. Sometimes you might need a simple patch up, or you might have a more expensive issue like adding or changing out the insulation. Whatever the problem is, try your best to get it resolved. In the winter, water can easily melt into cracks in your roof, where it will start the cycle of refreezing and melting, which makes those cracks expand. So, even a small issue can get much worse if it’s not treated now.

Get Rid of Debris

Another thing to take care of is to clean off your roof and get ahead of the snowfall. Chances are, your roof could still be weighed down by autumn leaves, which can get especially heavy when wet. You don’t want to have debris sitting on your roof that could clog up your gutters or strip your shingles when bad weather hits. Leaks can even form just from wet leaves sitting in one spot for too long because it lets the water gradually soak in.

Don’t Forget Gutters

One of the most functional parts of your roof is your gutters and downspout. Not only should you have them cleared of debris, but they should be inspected to see that they are working properly. Are your gutters worn down and broken in places? Does the edge of your roof look ragged? It’s good to check the full perimeter of your home because your gutters will endure a lot of strain from water flow and ice.

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