Great Strategies for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Project

Having a plan in place can help make your bathroom remodel project go smoothly and look great!

A bathroom remodel is not a great place to improvise. Before having a project started, it’s worth coming up with a coherent strategy for how you want to use the space and the kinds of fixtures you want to implement. If you’re looking for guidance in coming up with strategies, we’re here to help. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Shedding Light on Your Project

Most people dream of new toilets or showers when they think of the perfect bathroom remodel. But one of the things that can really make a bathroom shine is new lighting, and this ought to be a priority. Well-designed bathroom lighting can eliminate shadows on faces and make your everyday grooming a lot easier. Take care to examine the benefits of vanity lighting as well as side lighting to achieve maximum benefits, and pay attention to lumen ratings when shopping for light bulbs.

Clearing the Air

Ventilation systems are another dimension that will help you come up with a great strategy for your bathroom remodel. Bathroom ventilation removes the humidity that ends up fogging mirrors, making floors slippery, and promotes the growth of mildew and mold. A quality ventilation system protects the value of your home and maintains healthy indoor air quality. You can even have fans installed that automatically trigger when sensors detect excess humidity in the air.

Storage Issues

Storage space is difficult to drum up in a bathroom. Once a toilet, sink, and shower are installed, there’s usually not very much space for storing toilet paper and toiletries. But good planning can help you find space in unusual spaces. Use your wall space to create storage opportunities for your toiletries. Create storage with movable baskets and free-standing floor coat racks. And adding slide-out trays in your cabinet is usually undervalued, but provides good space.

Think Color Schemes

The best way to add visual impact to your bathroom is by choosing a “soft scheme” – employing neutral colors in the permanent aspects of the room and dressing it up with removable items such as carpets and curtains. This adds home value while allowing you to fully express your personality in your bathroom design!

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