Gutters Overflowing? Here is What’s Going On

If overflowing gutters are a problem, here is what could be the source of the issue.

Often homeowners find that the gutters are a problem area of their house. If not treated properly, your gutters can get backed up and overflow, which will eventually cause water damage to your roof and even the interior of your home. If you have found that overflowing gutters are a problem with your house, then here is what could be the source of the issue.


First, you should always check if your gutters are dirty. There are many parts of Maryland where houses are around lots of trees, and the fall is the season where gutters can get filled with falling leaves. Having your gutters professionally cleaned is a good way to make sure that they are working properly. And in many cases, a simple cleaning could put an end to your overflow problems right away.


If cleaning your gutters didn’t completely eradicate the problem, then it might be because you might have old, sagging gutters. Even the best gutters will warp over time as they age. When your gutters are no longer straight, then they won’t be able to channel water away from your house properly, and they might overflow more easily. The benefit of having a professional look at your gutters is that they will be able to advise you as to whether it is time for your gutters to be replaced.


Lastly, if you know for a fact that you don’t have any problems with dirty or old gutters and they still overflow, then there is a possibility that they weren’t installed properly. Often when people buy a house, the quality of the gutters is the last thing on their minds. So you might not realize that there were some mistakes in the way the gutters were installed. For example, the gutter should always slope in such a way so that the lowest point leads to the downspout. Since water naturally follows gravity, a gutter that slopes upward to the downspout will never be able to get the water to drain off of your house correctly. If your gutters seem otherwise fine, but you’re still getting overflowing, then it might be worth it to have them inspected anyway. 

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