Important Gutter Maintenance Tasks to Do This Spring

Gutter System

Prepare your gutter system for the rainy season with these tips.

With spring quickly approaching, now is a great time to take care of your spring roofing inspection to ensure that it doesn’t have any problems ahead of the rainy season. When your roof gets checked out, don’t overlook your gutter system. Your gutters and downspouts need regular maintenance as well – a gutter system that doesn’t drain like it should can cause serious problems with your roof and may lead to leakage. What should you do to keep your gutters maintained this spring? Here are some important tasks to perform.

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters are designed to drain water from the roof safely, so take steps to ensure that the flow is unimpeded. Even if you cleaned your gutters during the autumn, check them again this spring, especially if you have trees surrounding your home. Start by spraying water on your roof with a hose and watching to see if the gutters overflow from the edges. Head up and clean the gutters, removing leaves, twigs and other debris with a handheld blower or by hand. Then, flush the gutters with a garden hose. If the downspout is clogged, you may be able to clear it with a pressurized hose or plumber’s snake – if that doesn’t work, the entire downspout may need to be removed to examine for the clog.

Checking for Damage

When the gutters are clean, take some time to inspect the system to check for any corrosion, holes, or leaking areas. Gutters don’t work very well if they are sagging, but these are often repaired by tightening loose fasteners. Cracks can be a more serious problem, however. If you feel comfortable enough, you could apply gutter sealant or waterproofing to the cracks yourself to stop this source of leaking. If you don’t feel comfortable, though, you can always rely on your friendly roofing experts to help fix up your gutters! Give us a call today!

Worried About Your Gutters or Other Roofing Troubles?

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