Incorporating Minimalist Design in Your Bathroom

bathroom remodeling

Remodel your bathroom in a minimalist style.

Redesigning your bathroom can feel like a chore. Even though you want to make a change, planning out new fixtures and other design features can sometimes feel very overwhelming. You just want something that looks good without breaking your bank and stressing you out! Welcome to minimalist design. With these fundamentals, you can put together that bathroom of your dreams without going overboard. In fact, you’ll do the opposite. So, are you ready to take a look at minimalist design ideas for your bathroom? Let’s dive in.

Minimalism begins in the color palette.

Before we can even touch decorations and fixtures, we must start with color. A minimalist color palette begins with white, grey, and black. Monochromatic choices are going to feel muted to the more bombastic among us, but they are a great source of calming energy. Think of your bathroom as a place you go to relax and destress. Utilizing soft colors like earth tones and neutrals is going to help transform the space to fit that “oasis” tone.

Skip the clutter and discover the power of blank space.

Minimalism is all about less being more. Rather than having a lot of shelving or knick nacks in your bathroom, you should consider only keeping the absolute essentials. Liberate yourself from the need for a million different “holders.” Soap holders, toothbrush holders, razor holders, etc. only serve to make your bathroom a chaotic place. Ditch the individual accessories for a simple basket that you can hide away to create clean look.

Natural materials are excellent for minimalist design.

If you’re going for the open, natural look then you need the power of natural stone or wood. Wood can be a challenge in the bathroom when it is not sealed correctly, but natural stone is always a strong choice. Usually coming in slate or other shades of grey, natural stone can add gentle texture to your bathroom while keeping it looking classy.

Ready for your new minimalist bathroom design? We’re here to help you.

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