Keep Your New Wooden Deck Looking Fantastic With These Tips

Wooden Deck Maintenance Tips

Keep your wooden deck looking good for a long time with these maintenance tips!

There may be nothing that looks quite as sharp as a brand new wooden deck in the backyard. But too often that sharp look fades away over time because the homeowner didn’t take proper care of it. When you think about it, wooden decks undergo some serious wear and tear – between foot traffic, constant exposure to sunlight, and the various elements of the seasons, it’s no wonder that they can wear down so quickly. You can, however, take some steps towards protecting your new investment and keep it looking like new for many years to come. Here are some maintenance tips for your new wooden deck.

Special Steps for a Brand New Deck

Sixty days after your new deck is installed, have it professionally cleaned in order to disinfect it and remove any kind of impurities on the surface that may hinder the penetration of deck sealants. Then seal it with a waterproof seal. The sixty day period is important because the wood has to age first.

Take Care of Dirt and Grease

Dirt can lead to stains and discolorations of the surface of wooden decks. Take care to sweep your deck on a regular basis – once a week is usually sufficient. Also, if you have flower planters on your deck, place them on a platform or hang them up to prevent them from trapping moisture or dirt on the surface of the deck. Finally, if you decide to place your grill on the wooden deck, never forget to use a grease catcher. Grease stains are some of the hardest to remove from a deck surface.

Don’t Paint or Stain With Solid Products

It is important to make sure your deck is sealed every so often to protect the wood from the rain and sunlight. But using a solid stain or paint can backfire – these will eventually peel and require a lot of maintenance. Stick with oil-based stains as they will fade gradually and are easier to keep up.

Make Any Necessary Repairs ASAP

Tighten loose boards or railings as they turn up, and make sure to have any rotting boards replaced as soon as possible. This will help you avoid having to replace the entire deck later on.

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