Keep Winter Roof Damage at Bay with Help from Roofers in Maryland

Some Maryland homeowners don’t realize the importance of winterizing their roofs until heavy snowfall starts and their roofs begin to sport notice ice dams and leaks. These problems will likely require professional roof repair in Maryland. Matthew Bamberg of writes that there are several ways to make roofs better prepared for winter, but it’s best to start as early as possible.


Roof maintenance takes place in both your home’s interior and exterior and should be done seasonally. Before harsh winter weather sets in is a good time.


  • Trim back overgrown vegetation.
  • Clean all debris off the roof and inside gutters and hose down.
  • If the gutters are clogged, spray water inside them to clear. Be careful here. The hose will jam from suction if placed inside the drain.
  • Remove crinkled caulking and roofing cement and reapply.
  • Check flashing (metal areas) for warps and holes. Secure it to siding or other surface and reapply roofing cement.
  • Apply roofing cement under loose asphalt shingles to secure.

Homeowners can learn how to clean their gutters and apply caulk, though they must observe utmost caution when climbing up and working on their roofs. However, for safety reasons, homeowners would do well to leave more complex tasks—such as securing loose asphalt shingles, for instance—to professional roofers in Maryland. These professionals are trained to work at height and usually come equipped with the proper tools and equipment.

Meanwhile, some homeowners think that “winterizing” amounts to “winter-proofing” one’s roof. Thus, when snow begins to fall heavily, they are rather surprised to see snow accumulate on their roofs. Keep in mind, however, that there is no such thing as a winter-proof roof since this structure will always remain exposed to the elements. Yet with the right winterizing methods, your roof can better withstand the effects of harsh winter conditions in Maryland.

As winter weather disturbances become increasingly fierce year after year, it is important to be proactive when it comes to winterizing your roof. Before your roof succumbs to the damaging effects of snow, ice, hail, you might want to call on skilled roofing contractors like Blair Construction for the necessary inspection and repair works.

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