Should I Leave Snow on My Roof?

Should I Leave Snow on My Roof?

Should you leave snow on your roof?

It’s only the middle of December, and we’ve already seen some snow for the first time this winter. While winter doesn’t begin for real until next week, the colder temperatures and wilder weather could fool you into thinking it’s already here. Even if heavier snows don’t arrive until January or February, here’s an important question to ask: should you leave snow on your roof?

Monitor Your Roof’s Condition

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. First of all, you should monitor your roof’s condition. You shouldn’t let a little bit of snow worry you, since some snow on your roof can make an excellent insulator. Even so, look out for spots on the roof where the snow isn’t as consistent, because this indicates melting and runoff, which could lead ice dams forming and causing water damage, mold, warping, and ruined insulation materials.

Reduce the Amount

More snow means more problems. If the snow gets too high, it could cause issues with your roof’s integrity. So it’s important that you reduce the amount of snow that you notice on your roof so you can prevent cave-ins, cracking, or leaking causing you even more trouble. So, here’s a word of caution before you attempt to do anything: be careful. A shovel or a rake might be a useful too, but make sure you don’t scratch or dent the roof shingles or hurt yourself by falling. You will probably be better off hiring professional roofers to come and take care of it for you.

Get Your Roof Ready

One last idea to try is to simply get your roof ready for the oncoming winter. Enough snow might improve your home’s insulation and actually make it feel warmer inside. That said, add more insulation and your attic and double check on your roof’s ventilation system to make sure it is in good working condition.

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