Picking the Right Roof Color for Your Home

Picking the Right Roof Color for Your Home

Have you thought about the color of your roof lately?

Have you thought about the color of your roof lately? Now that it’s well into the fall season, it might need a refresher. While your personal taste in color matters what’s more important is the effect the roof color will have on your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to sell your home before winter arrives, this is a big deal. Here are some of our favorite tips on picking the right roof color for your home.  

Dark Roofs and Light Roofs

The color of your roof affects how much heat it will retain. In the winter, this probably sounds great, since the winters can get bitterly cold. As winter is approaching, consider the effect that heat retention will have on your roof and on your home as a whole. If your would prefer to have a cooler roof, choose one that is a lighter color, rather than one that is full-black or near-black.

Complicated Siding and Simple Roofs

If your home is built from brick or another material that might mean complicated siding, your roof color should be relatively simple. However, there is one major exception to that rule of thumb about exteriors: if your home is all one color, your roof should not be. Also, don’t pair brick with brick, and likewise with other exteriors that are multicolored. Despite what you may think, the effect will actually make your home look worse, not better.

Use Paint, Not Brick

What do we mean when we suggest you use paint, and not brick? Before choosing new brick or stone for your exterior, compare it against a sample of your current roof’s shingles. Doors and window shutters can easily be repainted Although you can repaint brick, that process isn’t as easy.

Don’t Match Roof Color with Siding Color

While this might sound like a repeat of a point we made earlier, bear with us for a moment. You should always try to get your siding color to complement your roof color. Instead, try using two complementary colors, or opposite colors – two shades of blue, for instance, won’t look as clean and sleek as you might expect.

Pick the Right Roof Color with Blair Construction

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