Preventing Winter Roof Problems

As winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about taking the proper steps in order to keep your family comfortable and safe during the cold weather. Making sure your home is properly insulated, your windows are weather tight, and your doors are sealed from the winter winds are all steps to take before the mercury drops. Similarly, a critical step towards winter preparation is making sure your roof and gutters are clean and clear of debris.

A roof and gutter system that is covered in leaves, dirt, and twigs will not be able to properly drain snow and ice. When a winter storm hits, debris can be trapped in the snow pack. As the sun warms the snow the trapped debris can prevent the snowmelt from reaching gutters. This can potentially back water up under your shingles and into your home, causing staining, leaks and other expensive damage.

The same precautions apply to your gutter system. If clogged with debris, your gutters will not properly drain melting snow and ice. A gutter trough that is blocked and full of water can create an “ice dam” that backs melting snow up under your shingles and into the house. This is especially prevalent during the “freeze/thaw/refreeze” cycle that occurs as sunlight warms your roof deck during the day.

A clean gutter system will help eliminate the potential for ice dams, allowing water to flow freely through the gutters and away from your home.

It can be dangerous for an untrained individual to perform a thorough roof and gutter cleaning. We encourage you to call upon the professional Annapolis roofers at Blair Roofing to schedule a proper roof and gutter cleaning. Be sure to do so soon, the winter is coming and your home needs to be ready.

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