Reasons to Invest in a Screened Porch

There are many ways that a simple screen can unlock the potential of your porch.

If you have a solid front or back porch, then you might have considered having it screened in. Installing a screen is one of the best ways to upgrade not only your porch but your entire house. There are many ways that a simple screen can unlock the potential of your porch.


The most popular benefit of a screened-in porch is how well it blocks pests. Imagine being able to enjoy the weather while you relax in a lawn chair and read a book, or have family game nights in the fresh air without being bombarded by mosquitoes. A screened porch gives you more opportunities for hosting and entertaining without the worry of flies swarming your cookout meals. You can catch a cool breeze without having to crank up the air conditioning. And screen porches are also good insulators so that you can enjoy them even on colder days. You will have these and so many more benefits of outdoor living by installing a screen to your porch.

Privacy and Protection

If your home doesn’t happen to have the best location to enjoy the backyard without feeling stalked by neighbors or passersby, then you will be pleasantly surprised at how much privacy a porch screen can offer. Even though the screen is meant to be see-through, you can get dark enough mesh that will shield yourself from prying eyes at a glance. Unusually these screen porches are harder to see through unless someone is really looking. So, you will still be able to spot any suspicious activity from the inside. And if you’re still concerned about leaving furniture outside, many screen porches also have burglary-proof designs.

Adds Home Value

Because of all the perks that come with a screened-in porch, your property value will increase when you install one. A screened porch adds a significant amount of curb appeal to your front or back yard and makes your house stand out from the rest of the block. Potential home buyers are willing to pay more for a house with a screened porch because having a usable outdoor space is the equivalent of adding another room to your property.

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