Renovating Your Annapolis Kitchen and Bath to Increase Their Value

renovating-your-annapolis-kitchen-and-bath-to-increase-their-valueAn article published at gave tips to homeowners on how to maximize their investments when remodeling their home. Compared to other home improvements or renovations, Annapolis kitchen and bath renovation projects usually pay for themselves. In fact, the article from states:

Some experts believe that for every dollar well spent in bathroom or kitchen remodeling, the value of the house increases by two dollars, though some studies are more conservative (one recent survey found that on average sellers recouped better than 90 percent of the dollars they had invested in kitchen remodeling).


The article also suggests that homeowners who are thinking of reselling their home in the future should ensure a great first impression with their kitchen,

A well-equipped, efficient, and attractive kitchen makes the potential buyer feel immediately at home. Conversely, an outdated kitchen will leave the buyer thinking it’s a problem to be solved. […] consider both what you want and need and what will leave future buyers with the best impression.

To give your kitchen the best makeover, create a focal point in the room like a large window or an alcove. Make the most of these spaces by placing eye-catching details or accents. Whether you want a small kitchen or a large one, you have to stick to your plans and only spend within your budget.


According to the article, “Bathrooms are second only to the kitchen in maximum benefit for the buck (according to one survey, better than 80 percent of remodeling costs are recouped on average in subsequent home sales). If you have no bath on the first floor of your multi-story house, a half bath is an excellent investment […]”

One thing that homeowners should remember for bathroom remodeling in Bethesda, MD, is to give importance to the room’s lighting. For instance, dim lighting is perfect if you want a relaxing bath, while bright lights are necessary for common bathroom activities like shaving or applying makeup. Moreover, proper lighting can make a small bathroom look bigger.

Investing in the improvement of your living space, given that you’ve thought things out carefully and chose the best options, will definitely pay off today and in the long run. Just see to it that you work with leading contractors like Blair Construction L.L.C. that are certified and have enough experience to guarantee quality work and services.

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