Roof and Gutter Repair in Maryland: Water Leaks Require Utmost Urgency

Water damage can bring about a host of other problems if left unattended, and the situation over at the Maryland Theater in Hagerstown is a prime example. Ongoing structural repairs of the theater’s balcony since early November resulted in limited seating for the scheduled holiday performances. As noted CJ Lovelace’s report for Herald-Mail Media, this hassle could have been avoided if only regular maintenance was carried out on the theater.more-emergency-repairs-needed-to-ceiling-of-the-maryland-theatre

About $17,000 worth of repairs have been completed to an area in the theater’s upper balcony, where a heavy chunk of plaster trim fell during a Nov. 3 performance, Green said.

But another area of the ceiling has been identified as needing immediate repairs, she said.

The plaster contractor’s opinion is that emergency repairs are needed,” [theater Operations Manager Jessica] Green said. “This is not something we can postpone … until after our holiday season.”

Green said the new cause of concern is on the opposite side of the upper balcony, involving two areas of trim that are sagging and additional flat work near a ceiling vent.

Similarly, leaks at home should be treated with urgency because they will have more serious repercussions in the long run. Luckily, you can count on reliable roofers in Maryland—such as those from firms like Blair Construction—to perform high-quality inspections and repairs whenever necessary. You can even ask for a free inspection in case you have doubts regarding the overall condition of your home.

While these professionals are trained to handle all sorts of damage, they agree that water leaks can turn serious quite quickly and therefore shouldn’t be left for later. Water has a tendency to weaken any material it comes into contact with, especially wood. For example, rainwater from a leaky gutter system can dissolve the adhesive used on home siding materials, which can cause them to fall apart. This is also the reason why reputable roofing contractors usually offer gutter repair in Maryland in tandem with roof repair services.

Unless you are willing to shoulder the burden of extensive repairs–like those being carried out on the Maryland Theater, which are now estimated at $20,000—be sure to address water leaks in your home as early as possible.

(Article Excerpt and Image from More emergency repairs needed to ceiling of The Maryland Theatre, 186 balcony seats closed, Herald Mail Media, December 06, 2013)

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