Roofing Advice: Why It’s Best to Perform Repairs Promptly

Storm season is around the corner. Is your roofing in Annapolis prepared to battle inclement weather? Give your home a fighting chance. Some roofing issues require early detection and immediate solutions.

Storm Damage

Many homeowners don’t realize that they’re in for big trouble when they don’t attend to roofing problems right away. This is especially true during storm season. High winds can blow off shingles or tiles, exposing the underlying deck to the elements. Heavy rains can cause the gutters to sag while falling debris can clog the troughs and downspouts. Harsh weather conditions may also damage flashing and create leaks on your roof.

Early Detection

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that you get your roof inspected at least twice a year. The earlier you identify the problems, the sooner you can resolve them and restore your roof’s good condition. Routine checkup is also an effective way to tell if your roof is past its prime. If yours is old and failing, talk to experts about replacement options.

Immediate Solution

In the event that your roof does get damaged by a storm, don’t wait to make repairs. Even small leaks can become full-blown problems if you wait too long to deal with them. Once they turn into bigger leaks, they can cause structural issues that will be more costly to repair down the line.

If you suspect that your home has suffered storm damage, enlist the help of expert roofers in Annapolis right away. In case bad weather is under way when you make the call, pros can initially make temporary repairs to prevent further damage. Once the skies have cleared, ask them to come back for full damage inspection and recommendations for more permanent solutions (or repairs, if needed).

It’s dangerous to climb up your roof, especially during a storm. So it’s a good idea to leave the job to us. At Blair Construction, we conduct a free roofing assessment for your own safety and convenience. We perform fast and responsive roof repairs whenever you need them. If you’d like, we can also assist in documenting the damage to help out with insurance claims.

Call us at (888) 211-8249 today. You may also request a free in-home consultation and estimate of our services.

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