Blair Construction Testimonials

Date: 08/30/2021 | Project: Roofing
Thank you very much for doing the roof repair so promptly. We had heavy storms the next two nights. We would have been in deep trouble if the roof had not been repaired.

Doug and Katherine Rigler

Date: 3/13/2020 | Project: Roofing
Great Price and fabulous services. Bill worked with us from the beginning and kept us up to date on the process. We were very happy with the finished roof to include skylights. Thank you Bill for your professionalism and your superior knowledge on roofing. You are the best construction company we have ever dealt with!

Charolette Doelle

Date: 3/11/2020 | Project: Roofing
I received several bids for my long overdue roofing project. Blair Construction submitted a very competitive price, but of most importance to me was the detail provide on the proposal. Specifics regarding roof underlay and flat roof products were provided – this is were roofing companies cut corners- Blair was providing the best products possible. The house was in the Historic District – the roofing team had to work under tight conditions… and the watchful eye of curious neighbors ! The roofing supervisor Bill Smith was on site everyday. If you check GAF .com Blair is registered as a Master Elite Roofer – meaning they are certified to install GAF roofing. Blair registered my roof – I received the warranty information in the mail several months after completion of the work

Liz Clarke

Date: 3/11/2020 | Project: Roofing
Blair Construction LLC was very responsive and helpful from our initial call. Based on my research they offered a fair price for the work to be done. They were helpful in working with my HOA in getting final approval on the project. Once all paperwork was signed they completed the job in one day and were diligent in cleaning up after the project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to my friends and neighbors.

Nicole Payne

Date: 1/11/2020 | Project: Gable Vent Repair
Needed a Gable vent repaired, polite, patient Courtney was on point to schedule my repair to be completed. What next day ! Weather did not permit, text message from service manager, Freddie, next day 11/2O promised ” get it done.” Yes, crew assessed gable vent repair, worked, while service manager arrived to supervised work. Do you need a new roof ? I do, trust the professional, brilliant, courteous, teamwork can achieve excellent home repair services.

Date: 12/16/2019 | Project: Roof Repair
I was skeptical about having a company come out that didn’t give free estimates for small jobs, but the prospect of having my roof repair done on the spot made it worth while. I had already received two estimates from other companies regarding my roof repair, so I decided if it could be fixed on the spot it’s worth it not to have to schedule another company or crew to come out. He came out within an hour of my call, had brought color matched shingles, fixed two areas of my roof, one that was not yet a problem but would be soon, talked to me about what was necessary and said if I agreed to it, as long as it wasn’t major he’d just get it done. Two separate parts of my roof fixed. Pictures of what was wrong and what was fixed and everything done in less than an hour! I was planning to pay on the spot, but an invoice would be sent to me. He told me the price and it was less than half of either quote I had received, and more importantly, it was done! Definitely would call them again.
Friendly, Fast and Fair

Laura Lan

Date: 12/11/2020 | Project: Leak Repair
Had a small leak in the corner of my kitchen in the morning and by lunch time they were able to make it out and get it fixed. Courtney was very helpful in working with me to set up the appointment and Freddie came out and got to work, first figuring out what caused it and then resolving the issue. Very easy to work with.

Marc Watchinski

Date: 7/07/2019
Dear folks at Blair,
We’re very pleased with the high quality workmanship and professionalism exhibited by the Blair teams that worked on our house. You come when you say, stay in communication, and are straight forward and honest. From Carl Scheel to Bill Smith to the first Nate Carpenters who finished our inside ceiling. You guys are much appreciated!

Margareth Chen

Date: 6/07/2019 | Project: Roofing
My initial experience with Blair was a bit rocky. We had a great experience when we first contacted them, with the roofing division, but the renovation project manager really let a job in our bathroom get out of control. It went from a 7-10 day job to 7+ month job with more issues than can be listed. Eventually the owner has reached out and reconciled a few things, and I believe the PM and Blair split ways. The owner has been great in following up in a timely manner, this go around, and ensuring things are done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Had you asked me two years ago if I would recommend, I’d say no – but I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND BLAIR construction now that I have been able to observe the TRUE level of the work that Jim (Blair) and crew, represent!
Additionally, this week, we had some sort of animals we thing trapped in our second floor gutter, under the screen guard that Blair installed. Freddie came out right away, climbed on the roof, checked that gutter and found nothing. While p there, he checked back second floor gutters and found a collapsed guard, and fixed it, and cleared out all of the debris and clogged gunk from the gutter – while also fixing the guard-free of charge! That’s what I am talking about when I look for building a relationship with a contractor – reliable, fast, efficient, and with my best interest – knowing I can be future business for them to.

Steve Cahoon

Date: 6/01/2019 | Project: Roof Replacement
Blair Construction was able to take a complicated, design-build idea I had, and create a beautiful living space.

Ellen Geiling

Date: 6/01/2019 | Project: Roof Replacement
Dear Blair Construction Team,
Wayne and I are very appreciative of everyone’s efficient response to our request for your services.It was a true pleasure working with Bill, office staff and laborers. The gable siding installation looks amazing, and we have received numerous compliments. We look forward to working with all of you again and will continue to recommend Blair Construction to friends, neighbors, and family.

Please feel free to pass our names on to customers requesting a positive reference for your service.

Kathy Bushana

Date: 5/01/2019
Awesome service and friendly staff

Matt Erisman

Date: 3/20/2019 | Project: Roof Replacement
Thank you again for the great roof replacement project on our community and we look forward to a great year with you

I also want you to know that several residents have stopped me as I was on the property to tell me how much nicer the roofs look! Great Job!


Date: 11/14/2018 | Project: Roof Repair
Good afternoon! I just wanted to drop a quick note in regards to your tech Cody, that came out to Bullis to take care of our leaks this week. I thought you should know, how wonderful Cody is and what a valuable employee you have there. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable, caring and thorough he is. He did a great job on our campus and worked well with not only my department but everyone he came in contact with while he was here.


I know that it’s not often as managers that we hear the great stuff our employees do, so I felt it was very important to reach out to you to inform you that Cody represents your company very well and we welcome him back to our campus anytime.
Bob Butland

Date: 08/14/2018 | Project: Roof Repair
Thank you so much for the roofing job with all the extras. Please give the wineberry shutter sample to Bill and a special thank you for his patience.
Dale & Beverly Harrison

Date: 06/25/2018 | Project: Roof Repair
Dear Jim. You did a fantastic job repairing my roof. Thank you so much for helping me to avert a catastrophe. I would like to talk to you sometime about a possible roof replacement, options, etc. Have a great day!
Robin Rupli

Date: 03/23/2018
We appreciate your professionalism and excellent customer service! We will definitely call you when it’s time to replace our siding.
The Washingtons

Date: 03/17/2018
Blair Construction replaced my roof, gutters, downspouts, and added an awning over my back stairwell. They did a great job! Would highly recommend utilizing their service.
Beverly Fitzgerald

Date: 02/21/2018 | Project: Roof Replacement
Last summer we had an issue with our roof and after checking with several companies I selected Blair Construction to do the repairs.  At the time I was impressed with the responsiveness of the person with whom I scheduled the repair and the crew that did the repair.  As a result, I did not hesitate to call your company again when we recently experienced a roof leak into our garage. Although the problem may not be considered major, your Service Manager, Shawn Kayser-Stout took the time on the way home last Friday to inspect the roof while we were not home and today met with me to help me understand my options.  I am writing to tell you that I was truly impressed with Shawn’s professionalism and knowledge.  I do not often take the time to write letters like this, but it is also rare to meet a service person of such a high caliber. You are fortunate to have someone like Shawn representing your company.  I have already and will continue to recommend Blair Construction to my neighbors and friends.
John Santisteban

Date: 02/14/2018 | Project: Roof Replacement
Your workers are a class act. Holidays are hard for my mom between losing my dad and my brother going to jail. My mom’s life has been a living hell these past 2 years. (Shawn and Cody) showed genuine care and concern for her; not just for roof. They gave her flowers today. It was a simple kind gesture that made her day fabulous. That kind of genuine caring doesn’t happen in an organization unless it is woven into the fabric of the organization from the top down. In a time when brick and mortars are closing by the hour and society would like us to believe that a human touch is obsolete, a business like yours is a rare gem. Thank you

Date: 10/21/2017 | Project: Deck Installation
Sincere thanks to Carl/Marty and Blair construction crew for their fine work on our backyard deck. The team arrived early each morning prepared to get as much done throughout the day as possible. Our deck was completed in under a week I Courteous service, good clean-up and they even dug-up and replanted bushes that we wanted to move and save. Our spacious well-designed deck is now enjoyed by our whole family; including our 90 year-old Mother who loves to sit outside! Thanks Blair Construction for a fine job.
Best regards, The Galey Family

Date: 10/19/2017 | Project: Roof Replacement
Hi Bill, I was in to talk to Mr. Blair yesterday about his hemt operation and as I was leaving he ask ifl would give a testimonial about the project Blair Construction did this past summer and I said I would be glad to. I give you pe1mission to put this testimonial on your web site.
So here goes:

Just wanted to say a few words about the roof replacement Blair Construction did for me this past summer. I was impressed by their promptness from their initial inspection and estimate to their finishing of the job. They didn’t rush nor did they waste time. They cleaned up before leaving and made sure I was satisfied with the work performed. This was a small project, just a shed roof, but Blair Construction was the only contractor who was willing to take the job. There are a number of home improvement workers around, but I am glad I went with Blair. My shed had two sky lights in the roof that I had build myself almost 30 years ago. Needless to say they needed some tender loving care or just replaced. I had planned to do that after the job was finished but the Foreman on the job beat me to it. He saw the sky lights were in sad shape. He didn’t want to leave the job unless he was satisfied. That impressed me in that he would take the time to fabricate new frames and it saved me a lot of work. No ware in the contract did it mention they were responsible for the lights. I just called Blair Construction to get the name of the man who fixed the lights so I could give him proper credit. Well would you believe it was Bill Smith the Service Division Manager? Can you believe that a Manager would come out on a job that small and then spend his time fixing my sky lights? To me that says it all. Many thanks to Bill and thanks to Blair Construction.
Mel Meinsler

Date: 09/18/2017 | Project: Roof Repair
I just wanted to thank Jim and his team for doing a great job in responding to our July 4th “surprise” of a tree limb falling and breaking off the corner of our front room. This all right before a long planned vacation. We really appreciate your crew securing the property while we were away, and setting in motion key work on our roof and underlying structure. You took care of the storm-related issues and identified and took care of additional needed repairs to ensure long term soundness. The extra measure of having Jim come out to advise on a last few details after the work was concluded was much appreciated. Many thanks!
Ron Hoffer

Date: 06/02/2017 | Project: Roof Replacement
We just want to thank you again for your dedication and hard work in your field. We’re so pleased with our roof(s) and the way you’ve handled everything — exceeding expectations; never forgetting anything — and then your kindness and thoughtfulness just put a big cherry on top of it all! Blair Construction is so very fortunate to have you, and John and I sincerely thank you, as it’s very touching to see you care so much about your customers. We’re already telling friends and neighbors to contact you for all of their roofing needs, and I’m also going to go on the Blair website so that people can see the kind of work you do. Sincerely looking forward to working with you again on our other projects.
Linda & John Koza

Date: 3/16/2017
The folks at Blair Construction make light work of some typical household fixing jobs.
I had a pair of heavy mirrors to fit in the bathroom, and Greg made it look easy! I recently had some door lock repairs done and the handyman came early next day and everything is working great! Highly recommended!
Simon Cantrell

Date: 03/08/2016 | Project: Roof Leaks
They have worked on my 8 year old house roof including leaks and bat problems. Professional and excellent work. Randy was our dealing hand and is always professional and excellent workman.
Kuldeep Singh

Date: 01/08/2015 | Source: Porch | Project: Kitchen Remodel
I had a kitchen gutted, moved, and completely remodeled, along with hardwood installed on my entire first floor. They did all this in 2.5 weeks, and stayed on budget! I liked them so much I had them come back 3 months later to remodel a bath, and will be getting them to do another bath in the near future.
Dana Kline

Date: 01/29/2015 | Source: Porch | Project: Kitchen Remodel
Blair is a fine company to deal with. They completed a kitchen make-over and designed a half bath. I was very happy with the results. I especially liked the continuous communication throughout the project.
Stephanie Agostinelli

Date: 01/30/2015 | Source: Porch | Project: Roof Replacement and Gutter and Fascia Replacement
Blair Construction performed emergency roof repairs and later a total re-roofing of our home. The work was outstanding in all respects and was done at a very reasonable price. I am happy to be used as a reference for anyone considering a roof replacement. Below are some of the details. When we first started this project in the fall of 2010, we were not sure exactly what we wanted or needed. We were in the process of selecting a contractor to perform some emergency roof repairs and coordinate the re-roofing of our entire home with Patio Enclosures, Inc. who was building a new 40’x12’ sunroom on the back of our home. Although we obtained bids and options from several contractors, we selected Blair Construction to do all the roofing work. As explained below, we are extremely grateful that we did. Our contact was with Mr. Randy Savage, Roofing Division Manager. Mr. Savage came to our home and gave us a complete run down of the company and its products. He was very knowledgeable of the various products available and the installation process. He took the time to listen to what we were looking for and was very helpful in coming up with the selection of roofing materials. There was no heavy sales pitch, just straight talk conveying to us the confidence he had in the company and its products and workmanship. He assured us that we would be pleased with the outcome. He was right. We are beyond pleased. From the initial emergency roof repairs and gutter installation to the final re-roofing Mr. Savage was there for us every step of the way. He even took calls during evenings and weekends. He answered every question that came up in a timely and professional manner and resolved unanticipated issues such as a roof truss repair quickly and efficiently. He also ensured that the coordination of the sunroom construction and roofing jobs were accomplished seamlessly. In addition to Mr. Savage, the rest of the installation crew who came to our home were truly outstanding in every respect. They were on time, ready and equipped to work. They worked neatly and with precision. Each individual was very friendly and easy to communicate with. They took care to keep the work area clean and protected our home and gardens from debris. Each of them worked extremely diligently and tirelessly. It was clear from the care they took in doing the job that it was like they were doing the job at their own homes. We feel the standard of their work was exceptional.
Robert Capra

Date: 03/24/2015 | Source: Porch | Project: Addition
Blair Construction added a bathroom and closet to our home and did some kitchen remodeling. We were incredibly impressed with the quality of the work and the ease of dealing with Jim and his team. Everyone was professional. We made some changes to the original plan and Blair Construction worked incredibly well with the changes. There were a couple of things that were slight changes to our original plan that had to be changed because of permits and ground and they were explained very well. I would and have recommended them to anyone doing a remodeling project.
David Case

Date: 04/30/2015 | Source: Porch | Project: Roof Replacement and Porch Repairs
We were most impressed with the work done by Blair Construction. The workers were prompt, courteous, skilled and ready to please. The work done on the roof and the porch was excellent. Bill was great; so was Jeff. We will definitely use Blair again!

Date: 11/09/2015 | Source: Porch | Project: Roof Replacement and Gutter Replacement
A tree fell on our home requiring a major portion of the roof to be replaced. Because the original roof was perfectly flat (it actually held about 2″ of water before the water escaped along the back edge into a gutter) and current Anne Arundel code requires a sloped roof, insurance required the entire roof to be replaced with a sloped roof.
Two immediate complications were: 1) because of the property and previous water mitigation, the only exit for water was the rear or the roof and 2) the house had a courtyard, approximately 20’x20′ in the center of the roof that was not rectangular. The result is that the sloping had to be along 59′ from front to back (with code being 1/4″ slope per foot), causing the front of the roof to be 16″ higher than previously, while the back would be at the same height.
This meant that the fascia at the front would be 16″ higher than previously. Because the house had a stone front, the entire 16″ had to be additional fascia (siding could not be extended up).
We chose TPO for the roofing material because it has a 20-year guarantee *and* re-roofing would be just adding another layer of TPO, probably for under $12,000. The $38,000 bid from Blair was equal to one other bid – we could not find another roofer to even bid on the job.
To build up the fascia, Blair added a 6″ wide, 18″ tall, wall along the roof edge at the front, sloped down to 3″ as the back of the house. They also had to do that for the courtyard, including sloping there. The result was a 6″ edge that was 2″ above the roof line along every edge except the back.
Blair covered the new 30″ high fascia with three rows of flashing (I think there is a different term for this, but don’t know it). Basically it was crème bottom and top, with a bronze middle. By using 3 rows, each metal piece was not too wide or long so as temperature changes occur, buckling should not occur. The top row actually goes up, over the 6″ wide wall top, and then down 2″ inside – forming a perfect rain barrier. The top row and middle row had to be tapered from front to back, since at the back of the house the fascia was only 18″. And it also had to be sloped in the courtyard.
Blair made all this work great. As they were starting the wall, I noticed one piece that was not vertical – it angled out from the house. Before I said anything, the Blair carpenter was having them remove that piece, shave down the foam sloped insulation, and reinstall it so it was perfectly vertical. That same care was shown elsewhere in their work.
At the back of the house, they were very particular about how the drip edge be formed to ensure no water leaking back into the soffit area even if there were wind driving the rain. They were very particular and careful about ensuring the integrity of our roof.
We had been worried that the new sloping required by code would ruin the look of our home – it was a special look with the 14″ fascia over the stone front, with the courtyard. Many people along our street “know” our home – we just tell them it is the flat roof house with the stone front and they say “Yea. I love that home.” The work Blair did makes it look even better!!! We are so happy.
Finally, I am very particular (can’t you tell 🙂 ). So I was there many of the work days. I asked if I could go up on the roof to see their work. Not only was that ok, but they encouraged me to see what they were doing. They were proud of their work and appreciative of me wanting to see it as it progressed. I felt like a partner was working with me to keep my home secure and looking beautiful.

Steven Deller

Date: 1/27/2016 | Source: Website | Project: Roof Replacement
Three guys completed the roof in a 12hr day. They were pros. They knew exactly what they were doing. A couple of other guys finished the gutter a couple of days later. No problem. The Roofing Manager is a professional also. Randy Savage is highly knowledgeable. He provided a complete package of literature with all of the options and he found a Mfg’s rebate which I took advantage of. He handled the warranty registration and the Mfg’s inspection. We were able to conduct all of the business via email and I was able to make the credit card payments over the phone. An excellent experience from beginning to end with no complaints at all. And the roof looks great!
Martin Greenburg

Date: 02/03/2016 | Source: Facebook | Project: Commercial Work – House Renovations
I am a property manager for a large company and I have to deal with contractors all over the US. I called Blair Construction for an estimate on a structural problem and they came out promptly and submitted a proposal. Not only was the amount reasonable, but their attention to detail far surpassed the other estimates that I received. The job is now complete and I could not be happier with the quality of work done. Greg and crew were beyond professional and always available to answer questions. Blair will always be my first call for any jobs in the future.
Michelle Bridget of ISN

Date: 03/03/16 | Source: Email | Project: Kitchen & Bath Remodels
Blair Construction has been great to work with, is professional, on-schedule, flexible, and offered great solutions for upgrading a 31-year old townhouse. A once neglected and damaged property is now transformed into a bright and beautiful “sellable” home, restored with gleaming new upgrades and contemporary interior design. The kitchen and bath renovations are stylish. The back yard uneven grade was solved by a tiled patio which added functionality to the space. Greg Lehman at Blair accommodated minor fixes and last-minute pre-open house changes to including installation of washer/dryer, mulch around the bushes for a finished look, repainting a front door frame and bay window, to name a few. I am relieved that this property is now competitive and can attract buyers. Blair Construction has “got my back”. The company values trust and reliability. I will hire Blair again.
Kim Murray

Date: 03/03/2016 | Source: Email | Project: Roof Replacement and Siding Replacement
I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the quality of work done on my house. All of your workers have done a professional job. They take their time and do quality work. I am very impressed with the fact that they pay attention to small details. I will definitely recommend you to all my neighbors. I am so happy that I chose a master elite contractor.
Bob Phelps

Date: 03/16/2013
I have worked with Blair Construction on a number of projects. A Very very very good company!!!! I highly recommend them.
Durance Plumbing