Schedule Your Next Residential Roof Inspection

An experienced professional will be able to detect problems that the average homeowner may not even notice.

The roof of your home protects what matters most; you, your possessions and your property. If you want to keep your roof in good condition, and make sure it will remain leak-free, then regular inspections are a must. You wouldn’t drive your car for two or three years and not do any maintenance right? It should be the same for your roof.

How Often are Inspections Needed?

At Blair Construction, we recommend having your roof inspected at least once every two years or after any severe storm that may have been near your home. The mild weather helps make inspecting the roof easier; it allows you to prepare your roof for the seasonal changes in temperature and potential weather hazards. It’s a good idea to inspect your old and even new roof after a major weather event that includes high winds or hail. Making time for a roof inspection will prevent minor damage from growing into more serious problems that can spread to the interior of the building.  Inspection and documentation of the current conditions of your roof will usually allow you to work with insurance companies, as they usually insist on a professional roof inspection. While on site we can check to make sure it is properly ventilated as well. Did you know the National Roofing Contractor Association says that 90% of all homes are improperly ventilated?

A Professional Inspection

Blair Construction offers a low-cost inspection that can be reimbursed if repairs need to be completed and Blair Construction performs the necessary repairs. An experienced professional will be able to detect problems that the average homeowner may not even notice. Blair Construction specializes in being proactive instead of reactive and avoiding any interior wet insulation or drywall repairs. We carefully evaluate and assess every area of your roof to identify anything that may need repair or replacement. We thoroughly analyze the condition of your roof and provide you with photographs and our recommendations. As professionals, we inspect your roof from the inside as well as the outside. We will search your attic for signs of mold, improper ventilation, or damaged insulation that may be related to or contribute to any issues with your roof.


A roof inspection is worth it, in the long run, to have the peace of mind knowing your roof is in proper condition. Contact Blair Construction LLC today for a low-cost roof inspection of your roof system 410-729-0777.

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