The Best Home Additions to Increase Your Home Value

There are many reasons why a home addition can make your home more enjoyable. From adding extra space for your growing family to giving you space that has been truly customized to your needs, there are many benefits that a home addition can bring. While these are all important factors, let’s be honest: Most homeowners are also concerned with increasing the value of their home. When it comes to this consideration, not all home additions are created equal. Learn more about the best additions to increase the value of your home in today’s blog, below.

home additions

Not all home additions are created equal when it comes to ROI.

Kitchen addition

The kitchen is king when it comes to home remodels, and this is true for additions as well. If you have the luxury of owning a waterfront property, completing a kitchen addition that will offer a waterfront view will most likely increase your home value significantly. Because today’s homebuyers are looking for kitchens that are open and airy (a style that was not popular when many homes were built or previously remodeled), a kitchen remodel will allow you to design a space with the modern buyer in mind, allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

Bathroom addition

While kitchens are undeniably the highest value remodel or addition you can make, you can never go wrong with adding a bathroom. Buyers are particularly keen on having homes with enough bathrooms for the number of bedrooms, so if your current home has 5 bedrooms and 2 baths, a bathroom addition could increase the value of your home by quite a lot.

Screen porch addition

A screen porch is another incredibly popular addition that will be even more beneficial if you have a beautiful view at your disposal. However, even if you do not, the addition of a screened porch can be a huge selling point for potential buyers. Future buyers will appreciate the fact that you have found a way to keep Maryland mosquitos at bay while providing a shaded area for socializing and lounging.

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