The Importance of Good Lighting and Ventilation: Windows

Windows do much more than give you a view—they also play a big role in your general well-being. It’s easy enough to overlook the several roles that windows play, and to be aware of them means bringing on improvements in the quality of your life. Lighting and ventilation are two important things that your windows in Annapolis have a hand in, and knowing why is truly a big deal.

The Psychology of Lighting

No matter how bright the artificial lights we have in our homes and offices are, nothing quite beats natural light. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to artificial light raises hormone levels related to stress in people. Detrimental effects have also been observed in the immune system, mental performance, and even physical growth. While exposure to artificial light is really unavoidable in a lot of cases, investing in natural light will definitely contribute more to your general well-being.

“Investing” in natural light actually boils down to investing in your windows. If your windows at home are worn, fade, clouded over, or just plain old, then you’re likely not getting enough natural light into your home. Now what exactly is needed for your home is something that is best determined after careful inspection by a professional contractor, like us at Blair Construction. We have many years of practical experience to help you establish an optimal window configuration for the best lighting. Furthermore, we also carry the best brands in the home improvement industry for top-notch quality.

The Importance of Proper Ventilation

The quality of air is not something that most people know about. It has to do mainly with how much oxygen and carbon dioxide are in the air. Quality deteriorates with poor air circulation—meaning the carbon dioxide in the air gets trapped in one area, where you eventually start breathing it in. This often causes headaches and exhaustion or lack of energy. And that’s not counting the dust, pollen, mildew, and other substances you end up inhaling in the air inside your home.

What’s the best solution for this? Create what is called cross ventilation, where opened windows and doors create a path where air can flow in and through the room before being circulated out every two to four minutes. This ensures that the quality of air is always good and nothing detrimental is given any time to build up. Naturally, this needs high-quality windows that can be easily opened wide to let in sufficient amounts of air.

The Part a Good Contractor Plays

While the science behind lighting and ventilation is a bit complex, a great contractor will be able to apply years of practical experience and built-up knowledge to address any problems with your windows. Blair Construction has been in the business for over 20 years and has helped numerous households solve their lighting and ventilation problems with quality replacement windows in Bethesda. We offer different window styles from top brands that will make it easy for you to control the amount of light or ventilation you allow into your home.

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