The Top Four Warning Signs of a Contractor Scam

Here are a few of the signs that you might be getting into a scam.

When you need to trust a professional to take care of your home renovation project, it can be hard to know if they have your best interests in mind or if they are looking to take advantage of you. Here are a few of the signs that you might be getting into a scam.

Lengthy Consultation

If you call a contractor to come and look at your house for a remodeling consultation, they should be able to go over at least a basic plan of what they might do. Often they will inspect that area of your home first or explain some of their process. All in all, it shouldn’t take several hours for a consultation to unfold. Contractors who are looking for an easy mark will try to wear down homeowners with a long, exhausting consultation to make them feel like they may as well hire them. If this happens to you, don’t be fooled. It’s better to turn them down and cut your losses than to sign up for a much bigger waste of time and money.

Up Front Payment

There are very few cases, that would ever allow for a contractor needing an advance payment. One of the biggest red flags of a contractor scam is if they ask you to pay for their services before the remodeling project has begun. In cases such as needing money for equipment rental or materials, you should generally never pay more than ten percent of the project budget up front. Any more than that and your contractor may be planning to run off with your money.

Avoiding Permits

Any time a contractor claims that they won’t need a building permit to do their work, that is an immediate clue that something is not right. Given all of the zoning laws and building codes that vary by county, it is safe to assume that you will always need a permit for any significant renovation. Contractors who try to work without permits usually want to skip the sometimes-lengthy permit process. This could mean that they plan on rushing their work and doing a shoddy job so they can get paid fast and move on to the next house.

Unexpected Expenses

It’s natural for a remodeling project to hit some unforeseen snags. Maybe opening up a wall reveals faulty electrics or termites, for example. But a shifty contractor will blow the issue out of proportion in an attempt to get a huge bonus from you. A good remodeling budget will have a contingency fund built into it, which is a portion of the budget set aside for unexpected problems. Whenever you hit an issue that sounds expensive, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion from a different contractor.

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