Is It Time for a New Deck? 6 Considerations to Make

New Deck

A new deck can revitalize your backyard and make it a great place to gather this summer!

Summer is one of the best times of year to knock out construction projects inside and outside of your home, and a deck is the best way to entertain outdoors on breezy summer nights. Has your deck been a part of your home for, well, as long as you can remember? It might be time for a new deck! Here are six of the best ways to determine whether or not it’s time for a new deck.

What Is Your Deck Made From?

The material that your deck is made out of will have a direct effect on how long your decking will last. Decks that are made from real wood will start to show wear and tear differently than decks made from composite decking material. On real wood decks, insect damage and warping are two common signs that you need a new deck. If you have a composite deck, fading is one of the first signs that it’s time to upgrade.

How Are Your Deck Posts Doing?

Over time, water can collect at the base of your deck posts and cause the wood to decay or rot. Take the time to check the base of each deck post. If you find any rot or water damage, replace the posts one at a time. If there are more than 2 or 3 posts with rotting and damage, it’s a better idea to replace the entire deck.

What Do the Joists Look Like?

The joists also help to hold your deck up and preserve the structural integrity. If your joists show any signs of rotting, it is a very bad sign. Can you push the wood with a screwdriver or feel how soft the wood is? This is another sign that you need to get a neck deck altogether.

Is the Railing Stable?

Check your deck railing for signs of rotting or water damage. Since houseguests will lean on these, it’s important that they are stable and safe to touch.

How Old is Your Deck?

Any deck that is over 6 years old should have a professional inspection instead of a DIY inspection. A professional will know warning signs to look for and which repairs should be done and be able to give you quality recommendations.

Is the Ledger Board in Good Condition?

The ledger board is the portion of your deck that joins the deck to your home. An easy way to tell if you are due for a new deck is by looking at the ledger board in relation to your home. If it is pulling away from your house, it could cause a deck collapse during a heavy thunderstorm or snowstorm.

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