Tips for Keeping Your Deck in Great Shape All Summer

Whether you want to throw a huge backyard BBQ or just relax and enjoy the weather, you want to keep your deck in the best shape possible!

Whether you want to throw a huge backyard BBQ or just relax and enjoy the weather, you want to keep your deck in the best shape possible!

If you’re a homeowner that loves to entertain, you’ll probably spend a lot of time out on your deck in the summer. For all those parties, cookouts, and days lounging in the sun, you want to make sure that your deck is looking and performing at its best. Check out these tips for keeping your deck in great shape all summer.

Look for Signs

To keep your deck in great shape, you want to be able to address issues before they become problems. Therefore, it would be great to know when there’s something happening with your deck that needs your attention. Look for signs of rotting and splitting in the boards. Wood is susceptible to damage from moisture and can begin to fail without the proper protection from the exposure. Those splits can then make the nails and screw come loose and cause tripping hazards and loose boards. You should also look for boards that are cupping and twisting, which could lead to the board lifting and creating its own tripping hazard.

Protective Finishes

Make your deck materials last as long as possible by protecting them from the constant exposure of the elements. Use an oil-based, semi-transparent penetrating stain. Look for brands that offer additional UV protection to minimize fading and prevent mildew growth.  

Use the Right Materials

When making repairs and addressing minor issues, be sure to use tools and materials designated for use on decks. Deck screws are specifically designed to withstand constant exposure to the elements. They are resistant to corrosion so that you won’t have to replace them as often as you would with other types of screws. While you’re at it, take the time to regularly tighten the bolts and screws in the railings to maintain safety.


Clean up grease and other spills from the grill immediately before they get the chance to set into the wood. During the off season, clear of piles of debris, sticks, and leaves so that the moisture doesn’t get the chance to penetrate the wood and cause mold or rotting. Be careful that the cleaners that you use don’t include any bleach. Instead, use oxygen-based cleaners as the pH is much friendlier to wood.

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