Warning Signs That it’s Time for Your Davidsonville Roof Replacement

Spring MaintenanceAlthough a good quality shingle roof is designed to last a lifetime, things can happen. If your roof has been around long before you moved into your home or you aren’t sure how old the roof is, then you might want to think about whether it needs to be replaced. A roof replacement sounds expensive, but it is worth it in the long run when it comes to protecting your entire house. Here are some of the warning signs that your roof may need to be replaced.

Water Damage

A roof is at the front lines of protecting your house from water damage. That means that if there is a problem with your roof, then it has become vulnerable to water damage. Common signs of water damage in a roof are green spots on the shingles, which could be moss or mold. Also, if you look inside the attic, which is essentially the underside of the roof, you should keep an eye out for water damage. Squeaky floors in the attic and water stains are signs that water has leaked through the roof.

Old Shingles

Since a roof is mostly made up of shingles, they will often be the part that reflects the most age and damage. Some signs of old shingles include ones that are cracked, buckled, or discolored. Likewise, the adhesive that holds shingles to the roof can wear out over time, and it is common for you to notice missing shingles on your roof. If your roof is losing shingles, then that is a clear sign that it needs to be replaced.


A roof that needs to be replaced could also display several structural problems. If you notice that an area of your roof is sagging, that could mean that part of the supports has weakened, and the roof can no longer hold up its own weight. A sagging roof is a serious safety concern. You should call a professional right away to have it inspected so that you will have an estimate of whether or not the roof is in danger of collapsing.

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