What Causes Your Gutters to Overflow

Do you know what happens to the water on your roof when it rains? When a gutter system is properly installed, water is redirected away from your roof and into your downspouts, where it can flow safely to the ground.

Causes of Gutter Overflow

There are instances when gutters fail to direct water away from your home, causing it to spill over. This can lead to all kinds of water damage. Here are three reasons why gutters overflow:

1. Gutters become clogged when leaves and other debris pile up in the gutter or downspout. The clogging creates dams that restrict the flow of water. Too much blockage can cause the downspouts to become loose.

2. Gutters sag when the volume of water becomes far too heavy for them to carry. This happens when there are not enough pipes to hold the amount of water flowing. How many pipes are needed is dependent on the size of your roof and the capacity of your gutter.

3. An incorrectly installed or improperly sloped gutter system may not properly direct water away from your home. With properly installed gutters, water flows towards the outlet and down the pipe to the ground. Water does not flow upward, so it’s important that the outlet is at the lowest point of the gutter system. If the system is sloped improperly, water may not make its way to the downspout.

If you suspect that your gutters are in any of these states, you should call professional roofers in Maryland as early as possible. Delaying repairs may cause water to seep through the roof and damage your roof deck, walls, ceilings, and foundation.

Trust the Right Contractor for the Job

Gutters provide additional protection to your home, and it’s important that they remain in good condition to help you avoid water damage.

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