What to Know Before Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

Thinking of building an outdoor kitchen? Here are some helpful ideas you may not have thought of.

There are many reasons you may want to get an outdoor kitchen. To enjoy the weather, increase property value or even just to keep excess heat and smells out of your house. But actually designing and installing a kitchen outdoors can turn out to be a daunting process if you’re not prepared. Here are some ways you can break the process down into a few key aspects.


Putting a kitchen outdoors means that you will have to combat the elements to keep your space ready to use year-round. Some outdoor challenges include weather, of course, as well as debris like falling leaves and even animal interference. First, make sure to research the most durable and outdoor-friendly materials to build your kitchen. Treated concrete can work for paving, countertops, and even furniture. And stainless steel is a go-to for outdoor appliances. Be sure to keep in mind that, even in the summer weather, nights outdoors can get cold quickly. Invest in some industrial patio heaters for your outdoor dining area, or add a fun fire pit.


Between cleaning and upkeep, sometimes a lot of work goes into maintaining an outdoor kitchen. While you are still in the design process, think of ways that you can make your kitchen as efficient and user-friendly as you can. First of all, take into account the location of your outdoor kitchen. Will you want it close enough to the house to carry food back and forth from your home kitchen or dining room, or closer to an outdoor eating area? Also, just like any contemporary kitchen, the layout contributes the most to how you will use it. Maximize function by arranging the outdoor counter space to contain prep, cooking, and serving stations. For cleanup, look for a large single-basin sink that is heavy-duty for washing grill equipment. Just be aware of the initial spike in your energy bill. If you plan on spending the majority of your time outside, then you might want to avoid wasting air conditioning the entire house in the meantime.


Lastly, the reason you probably want an outdoor kitchen at all is for entertaining. When considering outdoor furniture, wicker and teak are great natural options for being durable, lightweight and low maintenance. You can set up a dining area and even install an outdoor bar so that guests won’t be left to stoop over a cooler. Also, keep in mind more comfortable seating areas for relaxing after a meal and enjoying the fresh air. Other necessities for entertaining in your outdoor kitchen include lighting and maybe even outdoor speakers for music. At this fun stage of the design process, feel free to get creative, embrace the outdoors, and make it your own.

Ready to Get The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen?

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