When Should You Replace Your Windows?



When do you need replacement windows for your home?

When you are running down your seasonal maintenance checklist, you probably already know that you should have your windows in basic working order and touch up any chips in their paint. As you perform your maintenance, take extra time to make sure that your windows are in the best shape possible, as appearance and condition are two of the easiest ways to tell whether or not it is time to consider window replacement. There are more energy-efficient and cost-saving windows available now than ever before, and new windows are a great way to increase your home’s resale value. How can you tell it is time for window replacement?

What to Look For

  • Faulty performance—If your windows aren’t performing properly, it isn’t just an annoyance, it’s a safety issue! Signs of faulty performance include
    • Opening and closing your windows is a struggle
    • You feel air drafts in the room or can feel air leaking in around the window
    • Windows are painted, nailed, or sealed shut and impossible to open
    • Condensation or fogging occurs any time during the day on or in between glass planes
  • Appearance—The way your windows look doesn’t just affect your home’s aesthetics, it also indicates the condition of your windows. Concerning things about your windows appearance include
    • Chipped paint or wood around the window on the inside or outside of your home
    • Water stains anywhere around the window
    • Outdated design or styling that clashes with the rest of your home

Style and Lifestyle Considerations for Window Replacement

  • Windows on the front, side, and back of your home may not have equal wear and tear due to disparities in sunlight and weather exposure
  • If you are replacing windows on only one section of the house, it may be difficult to find new windows that can exactly match the style and glass of your existing older windows
  • If only one window on the front of your house needs replacing, you may opt to replace all of the windows on the front of your home at once to keep the exterior appearance aesthetically pleasing
  • If you are undergoing major home alterations or remodeling and needing to replace both your windows and your siding, replace your windows first. Siding can be fit to your new windows, which will give your home a much cleaner appearance and maximize your energy efficiency and savings.

Ready for the Window Repairs or Replacements You Need?

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