Why Building a New Deck in Winter is a Good Idea

Here are some of the advantages that can come with choosing now to have your new deck installed.

Usually, winter isn’t the best time to do many major remodeling projects. But if you have been thinking of getting a new deck for a while, then you might be surprised that now could be the perfect time to get started. But why would winter be a good time to get a new deck? Here are some of the advantages that can come with choosing now to have your new deck installed.

Better Business

When it comes to most outdoor remodeling projects, winter is the off-season for contractors. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a contractor wouldn’t love to have your business. During the offseason, it’s much easier to get a hold of a good contractor because they aren’t in high demand. While you might end up on a big waiting list in the summer, you can probably hire the best contractor now with no problem. Also, many contractors will offer discounts for their work to encourage more business in the offseason. It’s highly likely that if you ask, you will get your new deck for a better price in the winter. Regardless, you will be at the top of your contractor’s priority list when they are working on your project.

Quality Results

Constructing a deck in winter can lead to a better quality installation if the weather is right. Early winter, before the snow, is one of the best times to build a deck because the concrete footings can dry more evenly in a less humid environment. This also goes for the posts, if you choose pressure-treated wood and the cure or stain on the deck itself. Winter weather can be rough in some ways, like wind and snow, but mild winter days are ideal for outdoor remodeling. For example, the reduced sun exposure in winter means that your new deck will be subject to less harsh conditions while it is settling in.

Small Concerns

There are, however, some issues with building a deck in winter. In particular, your contractor will have to deal with the frozen ground. In Maryland, it’s required to dig 30 inches to get below the frost line, but chances are it won’t be rock solid all the way down. At worst, the cold could delay construction a little bit more than it would in warmer weather. Otherwise, the next biggest concern is starting early enough in winter to avoid snowfall. All things considered, the reward outweighs the risk when it comes to building a deck in winter.

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